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Tuesday 16 January 2018

What we're Eating this week

Linking in with being conscious of what we are spending I've gone back to making a menu plan for the week to use up what we have in the freezer as well as the £82 shop!
Tonight we had chicken curry.  I normally make my own but had bought a jar of dopiaza
from Aldi as I've not tried that curry before.  It was too sweet for me.  I added some spices and a bit of cream to get it more to my taste.  I wouldn't buy it again.


The rest of the week is looking like this:

Tuesday: Chicken casserole (already in the slow cooker)

Wednesday: Salmon Wellington, new potatoes and vegetables

Thursday: Pie, mash potatoes and vegetables/mushy peas

Friday: HM pizza, wedges and salad

The weekend will be something else from the cupboards/freezer but we haven't decided what yet.

I took our dog for a walk today.  We haven't been out in a while as both me and my hubby have had flu which has knocked us out and it is still lingering but it was a nice day so me and Layla wrapped up and headed out, although I'm not sure she likes her new coat!


Jane Rea said...

Definately think meal planning is the way to go,a friend of mine recommended the salmon wellington from Aldi.

Rainbowchild said...

It's really nice. I did use a packet of parsley sauce I found in the cupboard but it didn't need it as such. I freeze the other portions (there's just the two of use) for easy dinners another time.

Jo said...

Layla looks very cosy in her new coat. Archie isn't keen on wearing a coat so I only put it on when it's raining, it keeps him nice and dry. I've never made a menu plan but I can see how it could easily save money.