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Friday, 9 April 2010

Things are getting going.

A bit of an update:

I send another couple of postcards. Postcrossing is a project where you can send and receive postcards to different places around the world. I love coming home to find a card from a random person, writing random things.

Fat Fighters
Well i finally singed up to Slimming World. I did the plan a few years ago and thought that this time it would be cheaper to just get the magazine and do it myself but the plan has changed and I didn't understand it so bit the bullet and signed up a few weeks ago. So far, so good, I've lost 16 and a half lbs (the half very important). I haven't felt hungry and I've only told one person at work as we take it in turns to bring lunch in for each other and bless her she has made things that I can eat.

Music Festival
After hours online and on the phone I managed to get weekend tickets for Leeds Festival. The line up is ok - I need to squat up on some of the bands but am looking forward to the whole festival experience. I've also spoken to the friends I went to Bingley with and they want to go again this year which is great.