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Thursday, 12 March 2015

New Job (s)

Things have moved fast, well faster than I thought they would.

For a few years now I have wanted to become a support worker.  I applied for a few jobs with the local authority were I work now and haven't even got an interview.  A commination of not having any experience or relevant qualifications in this field haven't helped.  I was looking at the local press job site and fired off my cv and a little covering message explaining that I might not have any professional experience but am ready, willing and able!  I sent this to care jobs mainly, with the thinking of I could do this part time to gain some experience.  After a few interviews I was fortunate to be able to choose who I wanted to work for a few months have been working part time for a home caring company.  I was rather na├»ve as I did think it would be mainly just making meals and a bit of cleaning but it is a lot more "nursing".  I have been on a weeks training course to learn how to use hoists and administering medicines.  The days are long and the pay isn't great but I am learning and enjoying it plus everyone has been so nice and helpful to me.  It has opened my eyes to what help there is available to people that need it and has also raised some questions in me such as if I was ill how would I like to be cared for.  Whilst some of the care we give is to enable people to live independently are they really, as I am not sure its maybe best for the client but for their family.  Also some of the care is paid for by the council some by the clients, the care they receive is the same.

Whilst randomly sending these cv's off I applied via an agency to Mencap.  I then looked at the website, read their own application form and thought it was too in-depth for me at this time.  I few weeks later I received an email from the local office saying they had read my cv and would like me to apply formally.  I did this and was invited to an interview, which after a few emails going back and forth as we were away for the date they had asked me to I had my first interview and called back for a second which involved meeting some of the people that Mencap support at a sports hall where people meet up and dance.

I am so pleased to say that I was offered the job and for the last few weeks have been shadowing to learn my role.  So far so good, I am loving it :) and am convinced the reason I got the job was down to knowing the dance routine to Agadoo!