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De-Cluttering 2018

Sunday, 26 July 2009


While having a bit of a tidy round today I discovered just how many cd's and tapes we have. So that is going to be the challenge for this week to sort them out. I'm going to load the cd's onto the pc and them take them to a charity shop. With the tapes I'm going to look through them and any songs that I really like I will list and download them. I don't know where I can re-cycle tapes but will look into it.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Not Everything goes to Plan

We have made a start on the bathroom. About 2 weeks ago we started knocking tiles off the wall – god that’s hard work. Luckily OH was only working weekends so he did most of it during the days. Last Thursday the plumber came to remove the bath and sink with the plan of coming on Saturday and fitting the new suite. But like lots of things in life it didn’t go to plan. Once he had removed the bath we discovered the wall was rotten. The next morning I thought I’ll just check the other side of the wall in the spare room, as soon as I moved the bedside table I could see the stain on the wall, pulled the wall paper off and the wall came with it! Panicking I called the builder/tiler who came straight round and within a few hours I only had the top half of the wall left! The whole of the bottom section of the wall from floor to about 3 feet up had gone. The wall is made of stuff like straw and there had been a leak behind the tiles which has just rotted it. Needless to say the plumber couldn’t fit the bath as planned as we had no wall to fix it too! We are getting there now. All the walls have been re-boarded and plastered, the bath and toilet have been fitted and it is tiled round the bath. Hopefully by next weekend we will be ready to paint the walls, even though we’ve not decided on what colour. I quite fancy bright red but OH isn’t to keen.

Having to move everything round in the spare room for the new wall to be rebuilt has given me the push to make a start to declutter it. I will have to be ruthless as I’m such a horeder – I always keep things “just in case”.

Another task that I have started is losing weight. I have joined “Junk 7lb in July” (thanks Dragon) and have lost 5lbs so far. I haven’t been too good last week as OH was away and I did eat a lot of rubbish but I find that if a plan what we are to eat for the week it is better for me. Also it helps with us not wasting food.

The home-grown veggies are good, and I’m already planning what to grow next year. The new potatoes are tasty and seem to be all the better for growing them myself.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Do Something Amazing

Our veggie box was delivered today  It included potatoes, carrots, courgette, shallots, spinach, cabbage, beet, kale, pak choi and broad beans! Plus we also ordered some strawberries. Also she had included a recipe card for Kale Pesto Pasta, with information on the back about kale. It looks good but will let you know how it tastes as we use them.

I went and gave blood after work today with my friend. It was only her second time and she doesn’t like needles, I haven’t given for a couple of years due to heath reasons so was glad I able to now – I'm up 20 donation’s given now - I am very proud of us both!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I Love my New Shoes

I need to de-junk my wardrobe. I have clothes in there that no longer fit and that I haven’t worn for a long time. Last month I spent a bit on some new clothes, well a lot more that I normally spend, all be it from Matalan. These actually fit me. I brought things I wouldn’t normally and love wearing them. This goes towards number 74 on my list – Find my own style. I also brought some new shoes after traipsing round. I seem to get the impression that some shops don’t want custom, as the people that work there can’t be bothered to serve and just chat with their colleagues! Anyway I got a pair of orangey red flip flops, which go nicely with the handbag my DH got me for Christmas. And also got a pair of green shoes – completely different to what I would normally where but they jumped out at me. I did originally choose the same style but in brown but when chatting to the lady in the shop she said go with your first choice. They are so comfy.

I had the first of my “homegrown” today – some lettuce for lunch. Tasted all the better for the fact that I knew I had grown it! We’ve also got our first veggie box being delivered tomorrow – am so excited lol. I saw the lady’s stall at our local farmer’s market and got chatting to her, turns out her farm is in our village! We have ordered a mixed bag so I don’t know what we will get and also they give you a recipe card if one of the veg is slightly out of the “norm”. We have been enjoying the garden more so far this year. The other night we had dinner outside and just sat reading and chatting until 9ish. It was a relaxing evening and made a nice change from plonking down in front of telly watching rubbish. I saw one of those chimney things that give off a bit of heat and thought it was reasonably priced so that is going on the shopping list! Even though we just have a little garden I’m enjoying pottering about and deciding what to plant.

Spoke to the chap who is going to fit our new bathroom and he is more or less good to go – when it is a bit cooler! He is also going to get someone to quote for tiling it.