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De-Cluttering 2018

Sunday, 26 July 2009


While having a bit of a tidy round today I discovered just how many cd's and tapes we have. So that is going to be the challenge for this week to sort them out. I'm going to load the cd's onto the pc and them take them to a charity shop. With the tapes I'm going to look through them and any songs that I really like I will list and download them. I don't know where I can re-cycle tapes but will look into it.


Dannie said...

Great news on the decluttering, it always feels great to get rid of things!

Tempewytch said...

Well done on getting the CDs etc sorted out (and no I don't know how to re-cycle tapes either!) I think sorting ours out could be on my next list!

Rainbowchild said...

I checked with our recycling team at work and they don't know of anywhere that recycles old audio tapes or videos. It seems such a shame to bin them.