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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Two Done

Yey! I've completed two tasks.
I ordered a new TV today for the lounge (no 31) The one we have now works but the sound does keep going off – always at the crucial point in whatever programme we are watching and to when watching dvd’s they are in black and white. It hasn’t done bad, my friend’s dad gave us it a few years ago and it has lasted longer than we thought. The new TV is coming on Monday evening and they are setting it up for us too.

I also got measured for a bra (no 87). I’ve put on a fair bit of weight in the last year and the ones I have were getting very uncomfortable. The lady in the shop was very nice, didn’t make me feel uneasy and guess my cup size just by looking at me – very impressed! I bought two to start with, they are so much more comfortable.

Monday, 25 May 2009

The Sun is Shining

Spent most of yesterday in the garden. The plastic greenhouse is up again, stood on a paving stone and tied to the fence this time. Weeded and dug manure over the flower bed and sowed some flower seeds. Moved the potatoes and one remaining (after the wind) tomato plant to the other side of the garden - where the sun is mainly.

Finally emptied the washing basket. As it was a nice day I did all the hand washing that has been lurking at the bottom of the washing basket for months as well as two wool blankets that we use for snuggling on the sofa. Only thing is now I have sooo much ironing to do. I'm tempted to send it to the ironing lady I used after I'd broken my arm but will resisted the temptation lol.

Still have the old sofa. No-one is interested in it. I'm going to see how much is it to get it taken away. Apparently the council will collect up to 10 items for so much. We have two old bikes and am looking to see what else they can take.

The plumber never turned up! I guess the doesn't want the work but it does annoy me me a bit when he said he was coming, it doesn't take much just to call to say he can't make it. Anyway got some other numbers so will ring them this week.

Had a lovely day today, spending time with my mum. She recently had pneumonia (she's 78) and I spent the week at hers caring for her. Am pleased to see she has made a full recovering and is back driving and getting out and about. I swear she has a better social life than me but I wouldn't want is any other way. We went shopping, I stocked up with some bedding plants and did a food shop. We also went to our local farm shop, which is a lovely place. They had little chicks, pigglets, rabbits and goats. There was lots of families there with their childrens running around in the sunshine looking at the animals, climbing on the old tractor. It is a very old style tractor and I can remember us having one when I grew up (we lived on a farm) and my dad leaving it in the paddock (making it safe to leave) after it had finished it's working life. Me and my friends use to climb on it and pretened to drive it. Great to see other kids doing the same after all these years.

Right better get on with some of the ironing!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Going Veggie

As it is National Vegetarian Week I thought I’d have a go at No. 99 – Go Vegetarian of a Week. So far it’s been ok, apart from when I forgot and finished of some tuna and mayo left-over from sandwiches for DH pack-up. I have cooked all meals from scratch, eating a lot of salad and fruit. And have lost 3lb J.
I listed some books I don’t want on for the first time. It was very easy and hopefully may make a bit of money. If they don’t go on there will give them to charity. Also goes towards de-cluttering.
Have a man coming on Saturday to give us a quote to fit a new bathroom suite. Hopefully it will be acceptable as I can’t wait to get ride of the old one. We have lived here for 5 years and have put this off as other things have taken priority. The colour of the suite we have now is dark brown and even has carpet up the side!!! We didn’t choose it I hasten to add lol.
Looking forward to some good weather at the weekend (if the forecasters can be believed!), going to tackle some more of the garden.

Monday, 11 May 2009


Been a bit laxed this week with the list. The History Boys was brilliant. If we hadn’t known it was amateur’s we’d never have guessed. The young lads acted their little socks off.
Unfortunately my new greenhouse blew down in the wind, taking all my seeds with it. Was gutted L Hubby was great and rescued what he could but am sure there will be onions springing up in the lawn. I was then taken shopping after work and treated to couple of propagators which won’t blow over and more seeds (I’m very lucky). I also got a prayer plant for the bargain of £1.
I’m still impressed that work is organised – got a bit behind as had a bit of project work to complete and meetings that went on forever. On Friday I wrote down everything I want to do this week and I seem to be able to prioritise a bit better.
Posted my 1st postcard on Postcrossing (no. 19) and the lovely lady sent me one back to say thank you. I need to get an album to put them in.
I’m going to set some targets for May (idea “borrowed” from another blog). I realised I been working on the “nice” tasks on my list rather that ones that are more difficult/scary e.g. losing weight/learning to drive.