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Friday, 22 May 2009

Going Veggie

As it is National Vegetarian Week I thought I’d have a go at No. 99 – Go Vegetarian of a Week. So far it’s been ok, apart from when I forgot and finished of some tuna and mayo left-over from sandwiches for DH pack-up. I have cooked all meals from scratch, eating a lot of salad and fruit. And have lost 3lb J.
I listed some books I don’t want on for the first time. It was very easy and hopefully may make a bit of money. If they don’t go on there will give them to charity. Also goes towards de-cluttering.
Have a man coming on Saturday to give us a quote to fit a new bathroom suite. Hopefully it will be acceptable as I can’t wait to get ride of the old one. We have lived here for 5 years and have put this off as other things have taken priority. The colour of the suite we have now is dark brown and even has carpet up the side!!! We didn’t choose it I hasten to add lol.
Looking forward to some good weather at the weekend (if the forecasters can be believed!), going to tackle some more of the garden.

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Dannie said...

Sounds like things are in motion and you are making some great progress. Also sounds like you definitely need to get rid of that suite!!