18 in 2018

De-Cluttering 2018

Monday, 4 May 2015

Menu Plan

Lunch - Tuna and salad wraps
Dinner - Spaghetti alla Puttanesca

Lunch - Homemade soup
Dinner - BBQ chicken/pork, sweet potato mash and vegetables

Lunch - Ham and boiled egg salad
Dinner - Roast chicken, roast potatoes and vegetables

Lunch - Beans on Toast
Dinner - Sausage casserole and mashed potatoes

Lunch - Tinned Fish salad
Dinner - Chicken and lentil casserole

Lunch - Homemade Soup
Dinner - Pizza, potato wedges and salad

Last nights dinner, Lamb Shanks, dauphinoise potatoes and parsnips (using yellow stickered potatoes for 4p and parsnips for 3p) and vegetables. Yummm...


Sunday, 3 May 2015

Plans for May

I am hoping and aiming that May will be a productive month.

I feel I am settling into my new role as a Support Worker, getting use to the hours and having a different routine.  We do sleep's were I work as the gentlemen I support are unable to be left alone.  I find these have taken a bit of planning for me, simple things taking dinner, breakfast and lunch with me, along with bedding and over night things.  Also leaving a meal for my OH to come into if he has been a work (night shifts). 

Hopefully work will begin on our garden.  We are having the front lawn and tree removed and gravelled over. This is so we can park our new car on the drive.  We have never had two cars so it's all new and exciting.  We pick Winston (our new car) up next Thursday.  The back lawn is being re-turfed and a raised bed built for me to grow veg in.  Fingers crossed the summer will be good so we can enjoy the garden.

I have made a start on de-cluttering.  It feels difficult for me to get rid of things as I am such a hoarder but slowly does it.  The aim is to break the back of it this month.

We have chosen the light fittings, wall paper and paint we like for the living room and I need to get an electrician to fix the lights before decorating.  I hope that the decorators can come the first week in June as my OH is taking his mother away for a few days which will make things easier all round.

As I have mentioned before we love our takeaways which isn't good for our waistlines or budget so we are aiming for none this month.  We have eaten out a couple of times recently and have found we don't enjoy it like we use to as we think I can cook better at home so again we hope not to be tempted.  So to help with being organised to go to work and only eating home cooked I have done a menu plan for this week.

Maybe if I start blogging regularly it will keep me motivated, we'll see.