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Tuesday, 15 September 2009

September Targets

I know we are about half way through September but there are just a few things I would like to do by the end
• Paint bathroom
• Take foreign coins to charity shop
• Take bric-a-brac to charity shop
• Take foil to recycling bins

I know it isn’t much but I have lost 2 weekends – one with the festival and we are going to Edinburgh this weekend to see Billy Connolly.

Dancing the night away

Another one down. This weekend I went to Bingley Music Live 2009. It was fantastic. I went with a friend and two of her friends who I didn’t know but luckily we all got on and one of them went to the same school as me so we did a lot of reminiscing. We stayed above a pub and the landlord and lady made us feel very welcome (we had heard some bad reports about the area but everyone on very friendly). We didn’t go to the festival on the Friday night as our friends drove and were late but the pub had karaoke – such fun.
We spent most of Saturday at the festival and I bumped into my old supervisor. It was great to see him and hopefully we are going to arrange a night out with all my old team. There were a lot of local bands playing at the festival but the highlight of the weekend for me was Doves. I haven’t heard their music before but they were absolute brilliant. I’ve been listening to them since online and a colleague is going to lend me their CD. We had a nice lazy morning on Sunday, the breakfast was a lovely fry-up then went back to bed! On the Saturday Calvin Harris played and got the whole crowd jumping.
As I said it was a brilliant weekend, the atmosphere was fantastic, such a wide range of ages, everyone just out to have a good time and enjoy the music. We got chatting to lots of nice people. Glastonbury next!! Lol

Friday, 21 August 2009

August Update

I had intended to update on here regularly and set some targets for August however it hasn’t happened for one reason or another that I won’t go into. Instead I will concentrate on where I am with the challenge.

The bathroom is nearly done. The plumber and builder/tiller have done a great job. We decided to paint the walls a light green and have brought the paint. I am aiming to have it decorated by the end of the month. Then we will just need to get new skirting fitted and the flooring done. Luckily, even with the wall falling down we came in under budget on costs. As we have some money left over I want to get the loft hatch moved. At the moment it is in the bathroom but we have no way of getting into the loft. I would like it moved onto the landing with a pull down ladder. The loft really does need more installation in it and I would like to get this done before winter but I don’t know if funds will allow it.

I have been seeing my mum more often, which has been nice. We are making the most of it while the weather is good and the nights are light. Once the nights start to draw in I think I will go to stay with her a bit more on the weekend.

I have continued with wearing makeup and doing my nails etc. My skin is a lot better although I have had an eczema breakout and had to get cream from the doctors (I know my eczema is stress related). I have got into a skin care routine and treated myself to some very nice Clinique foundation and powder.

The homegrown vegetables have been a bit hit and miss. The lettuce and potatoes have been great but the radishes didn’t get going and the courgettes looked very promising but haven’t come to anything. It hasn’t put me off and I am planned more for next year. I layed some old paving stones down to make a bbq area and OH and me had our first proper bbq (not a disposable one) this week. I cooked far too much but it did my OH for the next day. It was a lovely evening we sat out late just chatting, reading and listening to music. What I have found is that on the evenings where we don’t have the TV on I feel a lot more relaxed. I know that most of the programmes I watch such as the soaps are just out of habit. When I met my OH he didn’t have a TV and even now doesn’t watch half as much as me. We are enjoying having the Lovefilm subscription and try to have a film night when they send the dvd. We have both watched films that we wouldn’t normally and have liked both of them.

I sorted all my cd’s out and they are all ready to take to a charity shop. DH still has his tapes to go through. I found a big box full of recipe books and recipes torn from magazines. I went through them and did get rid of a lot. The others I want to put in a folder or book of some sort to keep them organised. Also I want to start using them.

I have been planning our meals each week and am running them freezer and sort cupboards down to try and not spend much at the moment. I really want to work towards cooking more from scratch, which I do most of the time but would like to be more organised and do batch cooking and freeze them. I have made a list of what we have already in the freezer and are using things up in the menu planning. The plan is when we have use most of the stuff in the freezer then I will stock up with meat from the local butchers and get the veggie box delivered each week, cutting back on trips to the supermarket.

I’m going to a music festival!! A friend saw it advertised and the got tickets that day. It is at Bingley Music Festival and the tickets are only £25 for the weekend. I’ve only heard of a few of the bands plus there are lot of local bands playing. I keep telling everyone it is going to be the next Glastonbury lol. We had wanted to camp but all the campsites are fully booked so we have got a BnB. We are going after work on Friday, and one of the girls is driving us there. There are four of us going and I only know one other girl but it should be a good laugh.

I think that is it for now, but hope to update more frequently.

Sunday, 26 July 2009


While having a bit of a tidy round today I discovered just how many cd's and tapes we have. So that is going to be the challenge for this week to sort them out. I'm going to load the cd's onto the pc and them take them to a charity shop. With the tapes I'm going to look through them and any songs that I really like I will list and download them. I don't know where I can re-cycle tapes but will look into it.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Not Everything goes to Plan

We have made a start on the bathroom. About 2 weeks ago we started knocking tiles off the wall – god that’s hard work. Luckily OH was only working weekends so he did most of it during the days. Last Thursday the plumber came to remove the bath and sink with the plan of coming on Saturday and fitting the new suite. But like lots of things in life it didn’t go to plan. Once he had removed the bath we discovered the wall was rotten. The next morning I thought I’ll just check the other side of the wall in the spare room, as soon as I moved the bedside table I could see the stain on the wall, pulled the wall paper off and the wall came with it! Panicking I called the builder/tiler who came straight round and within a few hours I only had the top half of the wall left! The whole of the bottom section of the wall from floor to about 3 feet up had gone. The wall is made of stuff like straw and there had been a leak behind the tiles which has just rotted it. Needless to say the plumber couldn’t fit the bath as planned as we had no wall to fix it too! We are getting there now. All the walls have been re-boarded and plastered, the bath and toilet have been fitted and it is tiled round the bath. Hopefully by next weekend we will be ready to paint the walls, even though we’ve not decided on what colour. I quite fancy bright red but OH isn’t to keen.

Having to move everything round in the spare room for the new wall to be rebuilt has given me the push to make a start to declutter it. I will have to be ruthless as I’m such a horeder – I always keep things “just in case”.

Another task that I have started is losing weight. I have joined “Junk 7lb in July” (thanks Dragon) and have lost 5lbs so far. I haven’t been too good last week as OH was away and I did eat a lot of rubbish but I find that if a plan what we are to eat for the week it is better for me. Also it helps with us not wasting food.

The home-grown veggies are good, and I’m already planning what to grow next year. The new potatoes are tasty and seem to be all the better for growing them myself.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Do Something Amazing

Our veggie box was delivered today  It included potatoes, carrots, courgette, shallots, spinach, cabbage, beet, kale, pak choi and broad beans! Plus we also ordered some strawberries. Also she had included a recipe card for Kale Pesto Pasta, with information on the back about kale. It looks good but will let you know how it tastes as we use them.

I went and gave blood after work today with my friend. It was only her second time and she doesn’t like needles, I haven’t given for a couple of years due to heath reasons so was glad I able to now – I'm up 20 donation’s given now - I am very proud of us both!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

I Love my New Shoes

I need to de-junk my wardrobe. I have clothes in there that no longer fit and that I haven’t worn for a long time. Last month I spent a bit on some new clothes, well a lot more that I normally spend, all be it from Matalan. These actually fit me. I brought things I wouldn’t normally and love wearing them. This goes towards number 74 on my list – Find my own style. I also brought some new shoes after traipsing round. I seem to get the impression that some shops don’t want custom, as the people that work there can’t be bothered to serve and just chat with their colleagues! Anyway I got a pair of orangey red flip flops, which go nicely with the handbag my DH got me for Christmas. And also got a pair of green shoes – completely different to what I would normally where but they jumped out at me. I did originally choose the same style but in brown but when chatting to the lady in the shop she said go with your first choice. They are so comfy.

I had the first of my “homegrown” today – some lettuce for lunch. Tasted all the better for the fact that I knew I had grown it! We’ve also got our first veggie box being delivered tomorrow – am so excited lol. I saw the lady’s stall at our local farmer’s market and got chatting to her, turns out her farm is in our village! We have ordered a mixed bag so I don’t know what we will get and also they give you a recipe card if one of the veg is slightly out of the “norm”. We have been enjoying the garden more so far this year. The other night we had dinner outside and just sat reading and chatting until 9ish. It was a relaxing evening and made a nice change from plonking down in front of telly watching rubbish. I saw one of those chimney things that give off a bit of heat and thought it was reasonably priced so that is going on the shopping list! Even though we just have a little garden I’m enjoying pottering about and deciding what to plant.

Spoke to the chap who is going to fit our new bathroom and he is more or less good to go – when it is a bit cooler! He is also going to get someone to quote for tiling it.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Cooked watermelon!

No 13 – Try new Local Restaurants. Last night I was wined and dined by my lovely DH. We went to The Blue Bicycle ( which has a good reputation. It was a lovely evening, and my main course was fantastic – sea bream with brown shrimps and watermelon. I have never heard of having water melon cooked before but it was gorgeous.
No 19 Postcrossing. Got my second Postcrossing card yesterday from Italy so going to send another one this weekend.
As work today :( but should be able to get lots done as only me in and the phones are quiet. Plus it is a bit of overtime which will go into the pot.
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend xx

Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Sorry haven’t posted for a while so just thought I’d give a quick update.

Have managed to keep up with no 10 “Be more girly”. My nails are looking good after a bit of looking after and have worn jewellery to match my outfits to work every day since last week – I have felt nice making a bit of effort.

Am trying to not buy bread this month but it hasn’t worked. However did make some bread for a guy at work – sun dried tomatoes and herbs – in return he gave me some of the veggies from the box he gets delivered. Also baked a loaf for me and 2 colleagues to have for breakfast this morning and got nice comments from them :) . Am going to keep making it when I can and have a go at some other recipes.

Finally got rid of the old sofa plus a couple of old push bikes we had. Choose the vanity unit for the bathroom today and have been looking at all the different types of taps and plugs – very exciting bedtime reading – I never knew there was so much choice. Will let the guy who is fitting it know we are good to go.

The NSD are not going as well as I had hoped but I have cut back. Yesterday all I spent was money on aerobics which I go to each week and today at work we had a cake stall to raise money for Cancer Research which I don’t really count as spending as the money is for charity – plus the sponge cake was yummm.

I am so excited with my veggies in the garden. I swear I can see some of them growing! We now have potatoes, lettuce, courgettes, radishes, tomatoes and carrots coming through. Have decided what to do with the area which I was going to use for veggies until DH pointed out it doesn’t get much sun! I would like to have a bbq. We have some old paving stones that I think will fit and have seen a reasonably priced bbq. Our next door neighbours invited us round on Sunday for one and I enjoyed just sitting outside, chatting, making the most of the weather.

Things are going well at work and am still writing a list of weekly/daily jobs to be done. As this has worked well I’m going to transfer this to home life as I think it will help me to keep onto of things.

Love reading all your blogs, seeing how you are all getting on – keep up the good work! xx

Friday, 12 June 2009

Bit of bad news

Bad news is both companies where I and DH work are making redundancies. Where I work we were all told on Monday of the cut back’s and saving the business has to make, and obviously there will be job losses along the way. I’m not a worrier by nature – DH does enough of that for both of us – and tend to think what will be will be but it is a shame as I do really enjoy my job, it’s defiantly the best job I’ve had, and work with a great bunch of people. But if it does happen to the both of us I hope its not at the same time, that would be hard.

Have got so much I want to do this weekend and hopefully the weather is looking good (hope I’ve not spoken too soon!) Gardening – need to cut the back lawn, well I say lawn more a patch of weeds. Also have some more seed I’d like to plant. After sorting out all our paperwork I found a chart which shows when veggies should be planted, picked etc. I’ve put on the inside of a kitchen cupboard door and I’m going to try and follow it. Also a bit of shopping but not sure if I want to brave town on a Saturday, plus all the normal chores.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

June Targets

Made a start on paperwork today. Put all statement from last year in a box ready to put in order and then to store. I labelled up the file’s and put everything in the correct one. So much has gone out ready to be shredded. My aim is to keep on top of this by filing and dealing with everything regularly. I never know how long to keep things for. I got rid of old gas etc bills but have kept payslips and bank statements.

Had one NSD yesterday, should have had to buy myself lunch but my colleague treated me, which was nice of her.

Have been using my bread maker over the weekend. It so nice to have the smell of baking bread wafting through the house. I want to practice with different recipes so going to the health store this week to get some difference flour and seeds.

One step closer to getting a new bathroom fitted. One of the men from work came last night and gave us a very reasonable quote, and came up with some good ideas. He also said that he could to most of the work in one day and as he’s quote was good hopefully we can look to replace the shower as well. Once we get the bath suite fitted I’d like to look at having it re-tiled too, just depends on the pennies!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Recycling and Reusing

I was laid in bed this morning thinking of the list – god I’m obsessed! And my thoughts turned to Recycling and Reusing. We have a kerbside collection which every fortnight picks up glass, paper, tins, cardboard, plastic bottles and garden waste. I’ve started to take foil to a recycling bin at the tip and we have a compost bin in the garden for kitchen and garden rubbish. We recycle these automatically now. but still seem to have a lot going to landfill. I try to reuse where I can, e.g. margarine tubes become tupperware boxes, old sheets to cleaning rags. These are things that my mum use to do and I have just followed her. A lot of our rubbish comes from food packaging. We don’t have a car and I tend to do a supermarket shop online about once a month and know a lot packaging comes from that. I need to look at how we shop. A new butchers opened in the village where we live and they only sell locally produce. I went yesterday and they are so friendly and helpful. I’m going to try to get our meat from there or our local farm shop. The next step is vegetables. I do like to use the market but Saturday’s are the only day I can go and I work some Saturday’s. A friend has sent me details on a veggie box scheme he has just started using. He love’s it, getting different things each week and trying out new recipes – sometimes not knowing what type of vegetable it is but just bunging it in and making a soup or stir-fry. I defiantly want to give it a try. Also I think it’s important to support local shops and suppliers.

I did a new recipe for dinner last night (no 12). I did tweak it a bit but it was very nice. I fried some onion, garlic and mushrooms for a few mins, put chicken breasts in (from new butchers) then added white wine and chicken stock, put lid on and cooked in the wok for around 20mins. I took the chicken out and stirred in some cream cheese and cr̬me fraiche. I served it with mashed potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots with the sauce over the top. It was very nice. We had homemade celery soup to start and I used up some old homemade bread as croutons Рyummy.

Saturday, 6 June 2009

What a busy Week

I had a good and busy week, with something on every night. Monday our new TV arrived – it’s like having a mini cinema for us after the old one.
Tuesday saw me at aerobics – I go each week but god she worked us hard this week and it was so hot. I know women aren’t supposed to sweat but we glow well I was “glowing” buckets.
On Wednesday I went to the hairdressers. Was just going to have my normal trim as have been growing my hair for a while now and it was the longest I’ve ever had it – half way down my back. At the last minute I decided I wanted a change and had 4 inches chopped off. Initially I wanted to go shorter but I’m so glad my hairdresser didn’t let me. But I love my new “do” and feel it is more me. Of course when I came out it was all lovely, bouncy and flicky but the next day one side was stuck out and the other in ringlets!
Thursday I meet a friend for drinks and food. I don’t often drink especially on a “school night” but it was cheaper to get a bottle than two glasses of wine and of course trying to be MSE I had to get the bottleJ. It was great to catch up. She has such a fun outlook and we laughed lots. Of course we had to have another bottle with dinner but ouch my head yesterday morning! I told her about the challenge. She said that when she gave up smoking a few years ago she blogged about it and it helped her. Also she got me to “Twitter”, I don’t really get it but hey-hoe I’ll give it a go.
Yesterday I was already to come home for a night in but DH met me from work and treated me to dinner. We went to an Italian and it was perfect. I had brochette with red peppers, onion and goats’ cheese to start then scallop risotto, followed by tiramisu. It was all so yummy, the brochette and risotto tasted so fresh. It was also good to chat to DH. I think I’ve mentioned before that he works shifts so sometimes it can be days before we see each other.

I know we are a week into June but I’ve decided to set some targets on things I want to achieve by the end of the month. They are:

Tidy/Clear top of fridge. I’ve used it for a dumping ground for broken things, bills and just general rubbish
Loose 4lbs. I’ve got a lot of weight that I want to loose but its too big to look at all in one go so am going to break it down
Sort paperwork out. I’ve brought another file as my other was over flowing. We have stuff all over the house and I want to have it all in one place and be able to know where everything is
Sort books out. I want to sort out which one I want to keep, sell and read
Have a min 7 NSD (no spend days). For the first time I’m recording what we spend from our housekeeping account. Think I maybe shocked at where it all goes.

Hope everyone is well and keeping up the good work. I really enjoy reading all your blogs and get inspired by them.

Friday, 5 June 2009


I've re-jiddged my list, putting things into categories such as home, health etc. I want to then try to have mini targets and to pick a task then try to break it down into how I am going to achieve it. I am one of the best procrastinators and this list is making me focus on what needs doing. I will post my June targets over the weekend.

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Two Done

Yey! I've completed two tasks.
I ordered a new TV today for the lounge (no 31) The one we have now works but the sound does keep going off – always at the crucial point in whatever programme we are watching and to when watching dvd’s they are in black and white. It hasn’t done bad, my friend’s dad gave us it a few years ago and it has lasted longer than we thought. The new TV is coming on Monday evening and they are setting it up for us too.

I also got measured for a bra (no 87). I’ve put on a fair bit of weight in the last year and the ones I have were getting very uncomfortable. The lady in the shop was very nice, didn’t make me feel uneasy and guess my cup size just by looking at me – very impressed! I bought two to start with, they are so much more comfortable.

Monday, 25 May 2009

The Sun is Shining

Spent most of yesterday in the garden. The plastic greenhouse is up again, stood on a paving stone and tied to the fence this time. Weeded and dug manure over the flower bed and sowed some flower seeds. Moved the potatoes and one remaining (after the wind) tomato plant to the other side of the garden - where the sun is mainly.

Finally emptied the washing basket. As it was a nice day I did all the hand washing that has been lurking at the bottom of the washing basket for months as well as two wool blankets that we use for snuggling on the sofa. Only thing is now I have sooo much ironing to do. I'm tempted to send it to the ironing lady I used after I'd broken my arm but will resisted the temptation lol.

Still have the old sofa. No-one is interested in it. I'm going to see how much is it to get it taken away. Apparently the council will collect up to 10 items for so much. We have two old bikes and am looking to see what else they can take.

The plumber never turned up! I guess the doesn't want the work but it does annoy me me a bit when he said he was coming, it doesn't take much just to call to say he can't make it. Anyway got some other numbers so will ring them this week.

Had a lovely day today, spending time with my mum. She recently had pneumonia (she's 78) and I spent the week at hers caring for her. Am pleased to see she has made a full recovering and is back driving and getting out and about. I swear she has a better social life than me but I wouldn't want is any other way. We went shopping, I stocked up with some bedding plants and did a food shop. We also went to our local farm shop, which is a lovely place. They had little chicks, pigglets, rabbits and goats. There was lots of families there with their childrens running around in the sunshine looking at the animals, climbing on the old tractor. It is a very old style tractor and I can remember us having one when I grew up (we lived on a farm) and my dad leaving it in the paddock (making it safe to leave) after it had finished it's working life. Me and my friends use to climb on it and pretened to drive it. Great to see other kids doing the same after all these years.

Right better get on with some of the ironing!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Going Veggie

As it is National Vegetarian Week I thought I’d have a go at No. 99 – Go Vegetarian of a Week. So far it’s been ok, apart from when I forgot and finished of some tuna and mayo left-over from sandwiches for DH pack-up. I have cooked all meals from scratch, eating a lot of salad and fruit. And have lost 3lb J.
I listed some books I don’t want on for the first time. It was very easy and hopefully may make a bit of money. If they don’t go on there will give them to charity. Also goes towards de-cluttering.
Have a man coming on Saturday to give us a quote to fit a new bathroom suite. Hopefully it will be acceptable as I can’t wait to get ride of the old one. We have lived here for 5 years and have put this off as other things have taken priority. The colour of the suite we have now is dark brown and even has carpet up the side!!! We didn’t choose it I hasten to add lol.
Looking forward to some good weather at the weekend (if the forecasters can be believed!), going to tackle some more of the garden.

Monday, 11 May 2009


Been a bit laxed this week with the list. The History Boys was brilliant. If we hadn’t known it was amateur’s we’d never have guessed. The young lads acted their little socks off.
Unfortunately my new greenhouse blew down in the wind, taking all my seeds with it. Was gutted L Hubby was great and rescued what he could but am sure there will be onions springing up in the lawn. I was then taken shopping after work and treated to couple of propagators which won’t blow over and more seeds (I’m very lucky). I also got a prayer plant for the bargain of £1.
I’m still impressed that work is organised – got a bit behind as had a bit of project work to complete and meetings that went on forever. On Friday I wrote down everything I want to do this week and I seem to be able to prioritise a bit better.
Posted my 1st postcard on Postcrossing (no. 19) and the lovely lady sent me one back to say thank you. I need to get an album to put them in.
I’m going to set some targets for May (idea “borrowed” from another blog). I realised I been working on the “nice” tasks on my list rather that ones that are more difficult/scary e.g. losing weight/learning to drive.

Thursday, 30 April 2009

New Sofa

Managed to get tickets to see The History Boys for tomorrow :). I’m looking forward to it and spending some time with hubby – not seen him for 2 days due to shifts.
Work is still organised and by having done that I have been able to take control of a few things that have been just left and I’m pleased they have been sorted out and we are moving forward with things.
I feel a bit bogged down with things at home but know by working through this list I will get there eventually. Somehow I feel more contented with things, it’s like because I’ve done the list, I know I’ve got a plan to get all the tasks done. We are having a new sofa being delivered tomorrow so am going to list the old one on Freecycle. I’m not sure if anyone will want it as all the covers are frayed but it could be a good project for someone learning upholstery.
I’m glad I get an extra day off on Monday and hopefully will start on a few on the things my list.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Organisation and Theatre

(No. 101 Be more organised at work) I tidied and cleaned my desk on Friday before I left work and it was nice coming in to that this morning. Today I sorted all my emails out, deleting loads, dealing with some and putting the rest into folders. We are so much more organised this year and hope to keep it this way. In fact it is almost like I’m looking for something to do now as we cleared most of the backlog before the end of the financial year and I’ve cleared the rest over the last couple of weeks. It is good because we are finally getting round to the jobs we have wanted to do for ages but haven’t had the time.
I saw a play advertised today but only running until Friday (no. 3 on list). It is at our local amateur theatre and is called The History Boys. I saw the film a few years ago and loved it. Hopefully they will still have some tickets available.

Sunday, 26 April 2009

Greenhouse - 1st task completed!

I’ve managed to complete my first task yey! – no. 95 Buy a Greenhouse. Sadly not a big proper glass one as we only have a small garden but we got a little plastic one with 3 shelves, which my hubby very kindly put together for me. I put in it sunflowers, strawberries, lettuce, onions. I also planted some potatoes in bags. Have got some more seeds to plant but need some deeper pots. I have to re-think the garden, as the area I had dug over for veggies doesn’t get enough sun, so got to decide what to put there instead. One idea is for a small pond but might just sow some wild flowers, will have to think about it.
We also went to a new restaurant (no. 13) after getting said greenhouse. It’s called Chiquito . It was really good value for money and the service was great. I had bbq chicken wings, chilli beef tacos and chocolate brownie sundae, which was heaven!

Saturday, 25 April 2009


1) Keep my paperwork organised
2) Learn to make chocolate truffles
3) Stick with my monthly budget for 6 months
4) Put £5 into savings for each completed item
5) Do my a family tree
6) Learn how to make my own candles
7) Take a picture of some of the things on this list as I do them and post them on the blog
8) Put hands flat on the ground without bending my knees
9) Brush/floss/wash face/take vitamins etc EVERY NIGHT!
10) Be more girly - nails, lotions, smelly stuff, hair, clothes
11) See 3 plays (0/3).
12) Try 25 new recipes (0/25).
13) Try 10 new local restaurants (0/10).
14) Send a postcard to PostSecret
15) Turn off my computer, TV, radio and ipod for 24 hours
16) Organize all of my books and keep them that way
17) Organize all my old photographs into albums or frames
18) Put luggage away the day after we come home from each holiday/weekend break
19) Join PostCrossing and send 50 cards (0/50)
20) Watch 50 movies on the Top 250 Movies of all Time list (0/50)
21) Clear out spare room
22) Decorate spare room
23) Re-establish household routines daily, weekly, monthly (be a FLylady)
24) Get another piercing/tattoo
25) Spend the day at Camden Market
26) Paint conservatory
27) Put curtains up in our bedroom
28) Get new wardrobes
29) Decorate lounge
30) Have a new bathroom fitted
31) Buy new TV for lounge
32) Shampoo lounge carpet and rug
33) Plant flowers in the garden
34) Grow my own veggies and herbs
35) Eat meal with homegrown veggies
36) Ride a horse again
37) Loose weight
38) Exercise 3 time a week for 6 weeks (0/6)
39) Sort out wardrobe update - if it doesn't fit or look fabulous, out it goes!
40) Donate 100000 grains of rice to freerice 600/100000
41) Eat frogs legs and escargots in France
42) See a musical in London
43) Sell something on eBay
44) Cycle to work 3 times (0/3)
45) Finish off making rug
46) Don’t eat takeaway for 1 month
47) Learn to knit
48) Learn to crochet.
49) Set up a blog
50) Don’t buy bread for 1 month only eat homemade
51) Be more green; reduce waste, recycling, no plastic bags, composting
52) Make a Christmas shoe box
53) Watch all of Lost
54) Go on a cooking course
55) Detox for 1 week
56) Go to a retreat
57) Learn to drive
58) Read all the books I own but haven’t read so far
59) Get rid of everything I don't use/love charity shop/freecycle
60) Do mum dates, with my mum, every other month
61) Go to local events that I want to, even if I have to go on my own
62) Go to music festival
63) Reconnect with music
64) Sort music cd’s and tapes out
65) Learn to bake perfect cupcakes
66) Actually see this list through, and then start a new.
67) Go to bed at 9pm or before every night for a week.
68) Document weight lost with photos with the aim to “look awesome naked”
69) Visit 5 new cities. (0/5)
70) Figure out how to put pictures from my digital camara on here
71) Wear false eyelashes once
72) Be more assertive
73) Take my meds everyday (even when I feel better)
74) Find my own style
75) Eat meals at the dining room table regularly
76) Have houseplants and don’t kill them
77) Empty the washing and ironing baskets
78) Buy a laptop
79) Do all cross-stitch I have but not done
80) Tidy and sort shed out
81) Do a 5k run/walk
82) Have a colonic
83) Drink 2 liters of water a day for one week
84) Go to ladies day at the Ebor Races
85) Stay out all night (like the old days)
86) Actually blog on blog!
87) Get properly fitted for a bra
88) Private
89) Buy a pair of Uggs
90) Buy a pair of Birkenstocks
91) Decorate kitchen
92) Visit a country I haven’t been to before
93) Make pasta from scratch
94) Go on a Meditation course
95) Buy a greenhouse
96) Swim a mile non stop
97) Complete at least on task on We are what we do
98) Give the foreign coins we have collected to charity
99) Go vegetarian for a week
100) Wear a skirt to work (several times)
101) Be more organized at work