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Saturday, 6 June 2009

What a busy Week

I had a good and busy week, with something on every night. Monday our new TV arrived – it’s like having a mini cinema for us after the old one.
Tuesday saw me at aerobics – I go each week but god she worked us hard this week and it was so hot. I know women aren’t supposed to sweat but we glow well I was “glowing” buckets.
On Wednesday I went to the hairdressers. Was just going to have my normal trim as have been growing my hair for a while now and it was the longest I’ve ever had it – half way down my back. At the last minute I decided I wanted a change and had 4 inches chopped off. Initially I wanted to go shorter but I’m so glad my hairdresser didn’t let me. But I love my new “do” and feel it is more me. Of course when I came out it was all lovely, bouncy and flicky but the next day one side was stuck out and the other in ringlets!
Thursday I meet a friend for drinks and food. I don’t often drink especially on a “school night” but it was cheaper to get a bottle than two glasses of wine and of course trying to be MSE I had to get the bottleJ. It was great to catch up. She has such a fun outlook and we laughed lots. Of course we had to have another bottle with dinner but ouch my head yesterday morning! I told her about the challenge. She said that when she gave up smoking a few years ago she blogged about it and it helped her. Also she got me to “Twitter”, I don’t really get it but hey-hoe I’ll give it a go.
Yesterday I was already to come home for a night in but DH met me from work and treated me to dinner. We went to an Italian and it was perfect. I had brochette with red peppers, onion and goats’ cheese to start then scallop risotto, followed by tiramisu. It was all so yummy, the brochette and risotto tasted so fresh. It was also good to chat to DH. I think I’ve mentioned before that he works shifts so sometimes it can be days before we see each other.

I know we are a week into June but I’ve decided to set some targets on things I want to achieve by the end of the month. They are:

Tidy/Clear top of fridge. I’ve used it for a dumping ground for broken things, bills and just general rubbish
Loose 4lbs. I’ve got a lot of weight that I want to loose but its too big to look at all in one go so am going to break it down
Sort paperwork out. I’ve brought another file as my other was over flowing. We have stuff all over the house and I want to have it all in one place and be able to know where everything is
Sort books out. I want to sort out which one I want to keep, sell and read
Have a min 7 NSD (no spend days). For the first time I’m recording what we spend from our housekeeping account. Think I maybe shocked at where it all goes.

Hope everyone is well and keeping up the good work. I really enjoy reading all your blogs and get inspired by them.


Tempewytch said...

It sounds as though you have had a great time :-) I need to clear the sofa again - that seems to be our dumping ground for stuff!

Dannie said...

Sounds as if you have taken on a new mindset and put things into perspective. Good luck with your June targets, am sure you will feel better getting things organised and being able to see under all the paper work, i know i do! Totally agree, i love reading everyone elses blogs, so inspiring.

Rainbowchild said...

Thanks for your comments - I'm a woman on a mission now lol