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De-Cluttering 2018

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Cooked watermelon!

No 13 – Try new Local Restaurants. Last night I was wined and dined by my lovely DH. We went to The Blue Bicycle ( which has a good reputation. It was a lovely evening, and my main course was fantastic – sea bream with brown shrimps and watermelon. I have never heard of having water melon cooked before but it was gorgeous.
No 19 Postcrossing. Got my second Postcrossing card yesterday from Italy so going to send another one this weekend.
As work today :( but should be able to get lots done as only me in and the phones are quiet. Plus it is a bit of overtime which will go into the pot.
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend xx


Dannie said...

Cooked watermelon sounds interesting and i am glad you liked the restaurant and especially being wined and dined by your OH.

Tempewytch said...

The meal out sounds really nice! and isn't Postcrossing fun :-), I must send another couple off this week if I can