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Wednesday, 24 June 2009


Sorry haven’t posted for a while so just thought I’d give a quick update.

Have managed to keep up with no 10 “Be more girly”. My nails are looking good after a bit of looking after and have worn jewellery to match my outfits to work every day since last week – I have felt nice making a bit of effort.

Am trying to not buy bread this month but it hasn’t worked. However did make some bread for a guy at work – sun dried tomatoes and herbs – in return he gave me some of the veggies from the box he gets delivered. Also baked a loaf for me and 2 colleagues to have for breakfast this morning and got nice comments from them :) . Am going to keep making it when I can and have a go at some other recipes.

Finally got rid of the old sofa plus a couple of old push bikes we had. Choose the vanity unit for the bathroom today and have been looking at all the different types of taps and plugs – very exciting bedtime reading – I never knew there was so much choice. Will let the guy who is fitting it know we are good to go.

The NSD are not going as well as I had hoped but I have cut back. Yesterday all I spent was money on aerobics which I go to each week and today at work we had a cake stall to raise money for Cancer Research which I don’t really count as spending as the money is for charity – plus the sponge cake was yummm.

I am so excited with my veggies in the garden. I swear I can see some of them growing! We now have potatoes, lettuce, courgettes, radishes, tomatoes and carrots coming through. Have decided what to do with the area which I was going to use for veggies until DH pointed out it doesn’t get much sun! I would like to have a bbq. We have some old paving stones that I think will fit and have seen a reasonably priced bbq. Our next door neighbours invited us round on Sunday for one and I enjoyed just sitting outside, chatting, making the most of the weather.

Things are going well at work and am still writing a list of weekly/daily jobs to be done. As this has worked well I’m going to transfer this to home life as I think it will help me to keep onto of things.

Love reading all your blogs, seeing how you are all getting on – keep up the good work! xx


Tempewytch said...

The bread sounds tasty :-), well done on getting rid of some stuff and arranging for the bathroom to be done! Oh and well done on being girly LOL

If things are going well at work does this mean you are keeping your job?

Rainbowchild said...

Sadly no Tempewytch, however they have decided to push things back to September so at least we will be ok until then which is good.