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Sunday, 7 June 2009

Recycling and Reusing

I was laid in bed this morning thinking of the list – god I’m obsessed! And my thoughts turned to Recycling and Reusing. We have a kerbside collection which every fortnight picks up glass, paper, tins, cardboard, plastic bottles and garden waste. I’ve started to take foil to a recycling bin at the tip and we have a compost bin in the garden for kitchen and garden rubbish. We recycle these automatically now. but still seem to have a lot going to landfill. I try to reuse where I can, e.g. margarine tubes become tupperware boxes, old sheets to cleaning rags. These are things that my mum use to do and I have just followed her. A lot of our rubbish comes from food packaging. We don’t have a car and I tend to do a supermarket shop online about once a month and know a lot packaging comes from that. I need to look at how we shop. A new butchers opened in the village where we live and they only sell locally produce. I went yesterday and they are so friendly and helpful. I’m going to try to get our meat from there or our local farm shop. The next step is vegetables. I do like to use the market but Saturday’s are the only day I can go and I work some Saturday’s. A friend has sent me details on a veggie box scheme he has just started using. He love’s it, getting different things each week and trying out new recipes – sometimes not knowing what type of vegetable it is but just bunging it in and making a soup or stir-fry. I defiantly want to give it a try. Also I think it’s important to support local shops and suppliers.

I did a new recipe for dinner last night (no 12). I did tweak it a bit but it was very nice. I fried some onion, garlic and mushrooms for a few mins, put chicken breasts in (from new butchers) then added white wine and chicken stock, put lid on and cooked in the wok for around 20mins. I took the chicken out and stirred in some cream cheese and crème fraiche. I served it with mashed potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots with the sauce over the top. It was very nice. We had homemade celery soup to start and I used up some old homemade bread as croutons – yummy.


Dannie said...

The food sounds delicious, sounds like a new recipe i could try! Well done on giving the list some extra thought especially in relation to reduce reuse recycle, its sounds a good idea to look at the packaging you end up getting.

Tempewytch said...

We have really cut down the amount we use - we have started going back to the farmer's market which is on twice a month (and take our own bags!), more and more is going into the green big/boxes and we have about a quarter to a third of a black bin filled in a fortnight - it shocks us when we see other couples FILLING their black bin up each fortnight!

s'me said...

We use a River Nene veg box (they have local farms all over the country!) and they are great because we don't have to have the random box, they'll make one up depending on what we want to order.

Rainbowchild said...

Thank you all for your comments, it make me hopefull (if that's the right word?!) for the future that we are all trying to do our bit. I agree with Tempewytch about what other's bin and also annoyed at one of our neighbours who put alot of recycling rubbish in our landfill bin - the cheeky so and so's!

Rainbowchild said...

s'me, I'm I right in understanding that you can choose what to put in the box from a list?