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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Menu Plan

Sunday HM Chicken pie, roasties, Yorkshire puds and vegetables
Monday Cottage pie, jacket potatoes, baked beans and vegetables
Tuesday Chilli and noodles
Wednesday Gammon, jacket potato and salad
Thursday Spaghetti and salad
Friday Toad in the hole, mash potatoes and vegetables
Saturday Homemade burgers, wedges and salad
Sunday Roast lamb/lamb chops, potato gratin and vegetables

Boogieing in Bingley

The 2nd festival of the year was a return to Bingley Music Festival.
I went with just one friend, we had hope that all four of us who went last year would go but sadly G had a really bad accident this year (it was touch and go for a while) and she wasn’t up to it and the other mate couldn’t afford it.
We stayed in the same pub and got a taxi to the festival. We managed to get there in time of go to the free Friday night as the Buzzocks were playing and T really wanted to see them.
On the Saturday we went to Saltaire in the morning and had a nice wander round the old mill there that is an art gallery and shops. There is a large park and canal. Then had a mooch round some of the other shops before hopping on the train to Bingley.
Sunday we drove to Haworth. I haven’t been there before and it is a very pretty village. We found a nice restaurant to have lunch, cottage pie “hangover food” for T and a goats cheese salad with HM bread and butter for me. Again had a lovely time just browsing in the shops. They do different events throughout the year and next year I hope to go back there.
Now for the music -
Example was great, really got the crowd going. Public Image Limited were also good. Not really my kinda music but John Lydon is a fantastic front man and was very entertaining. The highlight of the whole festival for me was James who I have never seen live before and they were amazing. You could see how much they enjoy performing and hearing them sing Sit Down live was just one of the best things. They got people from the crowd up on stage with them. On Sunday I just really wanted to see The Levellers. I have seen them before and they were good. They are touring next year and hopefully I will get to see them for my birthday. I missed Sea Sick Steve as was queuing up for food (which was yummy Caribbean curry – I couldn’t face chips again!) and also would have like to have seen Craig Charles and his funk band but there is always another time.
It was a great and relaxing weekend and hope I can get back for a 3rd year.

Back to the List

Well I got to 2 festivals this year.

The first was:

It was a bit hit and miss. The cloud over the whole event is that the mate I went with is not really a mate anymore. Not that we had a big falling out but I think we both realised that we are quite different and wanted different things from the festival. I don't drink that much anymore but for her a big part of her life is enjoying a drink and getting drunk. We did do our own thing a bit and I learnt that I’m ok with being on my own and am resourceful and independent.

I was surprised at how small the actual arena area was, the campsites were massive. I also thought the toilets would be worse – they weren’t the best - a big long drop. Also I felt sooo old, everyone was about 16. Was very pleased that they did have showers.

I enjoyed the camping and were lucky with good weather. On a night we had a campfire and had made friends with the people in the tents near us. We sat around chatting and having a drink.

We saw so many bands they did blur into each other a bit. I was a bit disappointed in Biffy Clyro (too rocky for me) and Mumford and Sons (couldn’t get into the tent to watch them and the sound quality outside was terrible).
My favourites were:
Dizzee Rascal – I had a bit of a dance to him – well more like jump up and down.
The Libertines – I’d heard a lot about the band, mainly the member’s drug addiction but hadn’t heard much of their music but they were fantastic. I felt that Carl Barat and Pete Doherty were just amazing.
One Night Only – A local band, they members went to the same school as me so I wanted to support them and had a great time. They were in one of the smaller tents and you could really feel the crowd were behind them.
Guns n Roses – Blew me away. Axel Rose might not have the strongest voice any more but he took me back to my youth. Listening to him singing November Rain was amazing.

Overall I would go to another festival either with DH or with a larger group. I would plan more so I got to see as many of the bands I wanted and to go to the other things they have going on like the comedians and silent disco. Even though it wasn’t the experience I hoped it would be I’m glad I went.