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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Picture Perfect

Being the technophobe I am, I bit the bullet, got my digital camera, instructions and managed to figure out how to put picture onto my pc. I am still playing with it, setting up albums etc but at least my pictures are stored somewhere else. It was nice looking at them all and brought back good memories of places we have been and how lucky I’ve been to visit them.

Hot and Hairy

I went to see the Hairy Bikers on Friday with a friend. What a good night. We didn’t really know what to expect. Even though I love food the thought of watching someone cook for 3 hours was a bit boring, but they made the “show” so much fun. They chatted about their early lives, how they met and how much they have enjoyed making their TV programmes. Along with a bit of cooking. The cooking smells were lovely, made my tummy rubble and jealous of the people from the audience they had on stage tasting their dishes, except the poor man who ate a cricket! We brought the programme to share as they had put a load of recipes in it and I got my OH a “hot and hairy” mug. We both had a great night and laughed lots – my face aches the following day (along with my head but that might have something to do with the voddies )

Monday, 1 March 2010

Menu plan

This month I am trying to use all the food we have in the freezer so we don't have to do a big shop.
Tonight I have made mince to go in shepherds pie and froze 2 lots, in the slow cooker is beef curry which we are having fo dinner tomorrow night but there should be plenty left over to freeze. I also made carrot and coriander soup.
Lunch: Sandwich from supermarket
Dinner: Mince and onions, vegetables

Lunch: HM Carrot and coriander soup
Dinner: HM Beef curry and rice

Lunch: Tuna Salad
Dinner: Pasta and Philly sauce, salad

Lunch: Jacket potato and beans
Dinner: HM Chicken fajitas

Brunch: Bacon Buttie
Dinner: Out

Lunch: Beans on toast
Dinner: HM potato wedges, spicy bean burger and salad

Lunch: HM quiche and salad
Dinner: Sausages, mash, vegetables and onion gravy