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Monday, 2 September 2013

Our Day Off

It's very rare that me and my OH get a day off together as I work days Mon-Fri and he works nights Fri-Tue but for some reason his shifts this week have changed and as I now get flexi time at work we spent today together.

Weather wise it has been nice so two loads of washing were on the line first thing. The other day I wanted some chicken breasts but it worked out cheaper to get a reduced chicken and cut the breasts off.  So with the left over carcass which has alot of meat on it I put in the slow cooker with onions and carrots.

Where mum lives they are having a fair this coming weekend to raise money for their activities and trip out so I sorted out a load of books, dvd's and bric a brac which we dropped off today.  Mum was a bit down today but overall she is doing so well there and soon managed to get up walk unaided when it was lunch time!  We decided to treat ourselves to lunch out and got 2 meals for £10 in a pub in mums town.  I was impressed the food was piping hot and there was plenty of it, we would go back.  It is a market town and I remember as a child going shopping with mum.  Today we had the time to wander round and pick up a few bits and bobs.  They have a scoop shop.  I am not sure if the prices are much, if any, cheaper but I like the fact that I can just get the weight of things I need.  They really promote local shopping and the sign in the grocers said it had been trading for 60 years.  I recognised the lady serving from when mum shopped there over 30 years ago! Looking at their prices and they were far better than the supermarkets and some of the veg they sell was grown locally just a few miles from the shop.

When we got home another load of washing went on the line, buns were baked and a very spicy carrot and lentil soup made.  The chicken carcass strips and stock strained.  There is more chicken than I expected so think I'll make a chicken biryani and hopefully some soup too.

I could get use to this not going to work lark :)