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Monday, 25 April 2011

Not all ticked off the List

Well I didn’t get everything done on the list but had such a nice break from work. Today was spent again in the garden. I sorted the shed out, put some shelves up in there and re-organised it. I found a colourful thing to hang in the garden – have no idea what it is called but it brightens up the garden.

I found an old shoe box, painted it with some tester pot paint I found in the shed and have put all my seeds in it.

The old chest of drawers from the bedroom is now in the garden. The drawers are out of it. It doesn’t look great but is on the paving stones we have behind the shed and I have put all empty pots in it. Hopefully this will keep them a bit tidier.

The ironing hasn’t been touched, the white drawers are still in the spare room and the pictures still need to be put up in the bathroom but all in all I feel we have made the most of the lovely weather.

And to round off a lovely weekend my friend gave birth to her baby this morning, a little girl who I’m sure will be spoilt by her three big brothers. 

Enjoying the Sunshine

Didn’t get any of the list done yesterday but had a lovely day. My OH can to see me at the soup kitchen and then we went for lunch. After picking up a few bits for the garden we went to sit in a public garden and enjoy the sunshine. We then heard music and found out that outside the Minster the Archbishop was going to publicly baptise 30 people. We went along to watch and saw one of the clients of where I volunteer being baptised. I managed to get a few pictures and hopefully will get chance to give him them. Below is a picture my OH took of the Minster yesterday.

Spent this afternoon in the garden planting some more vegetables and put another coat of paint on the decking. We got the little plastic greenhouse and a small polytunnel up. I have decided to gravel where I stand my veggie pots as I think it will look neater and save me weeding. This is something I need to cost up. At the moment I have put the pots around the bluebells that are flowering. It’s amazing how quick things change in the garden. We have a bush that gets pretty white flowers on and on Friday there was no sign of flowers but today they were starting to open.

I’ve started the shopping list. I looked back on my records and the last time I did an online shop was 13th November so I think we have managed well. I tend to order mainly bulky things online such as tinned food, washing powder etc. and stock up. I have ordered a delivery of meat to come next Friday. I’m still considering getting a veggi box delivered, I think I might try it for a few weeks and see if we use it all.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Pay it Foward

Every other Saturday morning I get to spend time with a diverse group of people. I volunteer in what you could call a soup kitchen. We serve breakfast to people who maybe need a bit of support in their day to day lives. Some have problems such as alcohol or drug addictions, homeless or mental health issues. We cook a basic breakfast, beans, tomatoes, tinned ham or corned beef on toast. There is also a choice of cereals, jams and spreads and a hot drink. We also have a clothing store, where our clients can have a bit of “retail therapy”, without the cost of course, and provide toiletries. But just as important, I believe, we offer someone to talk to, without judgement.

I really enjoy working there. Sometimes it can get busy and my feet ache at the end of the morning but you get so much “job” satisfaction. I posted a while ago about a candle one of the ladies brought me and today I got a box of chocolates from another lady to say thank you. I have learnt a lot too, one of the men has travelled all over the world and has marvellous knowledge of where chocolate comes from and different tribes, another shares a similar taste in music to me. Sometimes there can be a bit of trouble but luckily nothing too bad when I’ve been there. You can get attached to people and worry if you don’t see them for a few weeks. One lad who I had a bit of a soft spot for hasn’t been seen for months and unfortunately we don’t know where he is.

I did have a bit of a think about whether to carry on a few weeks ago. I managed to get to my first meeting (they are normally arranged when I am at work) and thought it would be nice to meet the other volunteers’. The meeting left me feeling uneasy. The thing is, that it is run alongside a church. The church kindly lets the organisation rent a room at the back. It is Christian run. What I like is that the mission statement is everyone is welcome regardless of believes. Unfortunately I felt at statement didn’t extend to the volunteers’. I don’t belong to any religious practice but try to lead a good life and help others where I can. I was surprised that prayers where said at the meeting as to me the idea of us gathering was to plan how to move the organisation forward. I also was surprised by the attitude of some of the other teams, they don’t want to actually speak to the clients and are unwelcoming of new volunteers (this was briefly mentioned). It did make me think is this was right for me to do but I have decided to keep going, I hope that in a small way I help make someone’s day that bit more easier and put a smile on their face.

Update of Easter Jobs

Thank you for asking sft, I will try and do a post about my volunteering over the weekend.

Made a start on the list:
Fence Painted
Decking Painted (another coat needed)
All seeds put together - need to find a box to store them in
Planted beetroot, carrots & spring onions
Planted a tub with flowers

We spent a lovely day in the garden, enjoying the sunshine and then had fish for dinner. It was a Jamie Oliver receipe with a few changes because I forgot to get some things from the shop - whoops. It was ok, probally better if I'd followed the receipe.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Jobs

After folling other blogs (savingfortravel especially) I thought I'd too make a list of things I would like to achieve on my four days off work.

• Paint fence
• Paint Shed
• Tidy shed
• Put greenhouse up
• Move white drawers into bedroom
• Do all ironing and put away
• Plant all veggies still to go in
• Put up pictures and toilet roll holder in bathroom
• Sort out any seeds that are left over from planting & put in proper box
• Write shopping list for big shop next week
• Decide what to do with old bedroom drawers

There are a few more things I’d like to do but worry that if the list is too long I’ll get put off – something that happens a lot.

I also have my volunteering tomorrow morning and my OH is coming to see me there for the first time which I’m excited about.