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Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Jobs

After folling other blogs (savingfortravel especially) I thought I'd too make a list of things I would like to achieve on my four days off work.

• Paint fence
• Paint Shed
• Tidy shed
• Put greenhouse up
• Move white drawers into bedroom
• Do all ironing and put away
• Plant all veggies still to go in
• Put up pictures and toilet roll holder in bathroom
• Sort out any seeds that are left over from planting & put in proper box
• Write shopping list for big shop next week
• Decide what to do with old bedroom drawers

There are a few more things I’d like to do but worry that if the list is too long I’ll get put off – something that happens a lot.

I also have my volunteering tomorrow morning and my OH is coming to see me there for the first time which I’m excited about.


saving for travel said...

You're back. I love this blog!
That's a great list RC.
Please let us know how much you have achieved each day.

Also (if I'm not being too noisy) explain a bit more about the volunteering.

Hope you having a great day so far.

Sft x

Dannie said...

Excellent idea to create a list, hope your four days off are very productive!

Enjoy the sunshine.