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Saturday, 23 April 2011

Update of Easter Jobs

Thank you for asking sft, I will try and do a post about my volunteering over the weekend.

Made a start on the list:
Fence Painted
Decking Painted (another coat needed)
All seeds put together - need to find a box to store them in
Planted beetroot, carrots & spring onions
Planted a tub with flowers

We spent a lovely day in the garden, enjoying the sunshine and then had fish for dinner. It was a Jamie Oliver receipe with a few changes because I forgot to get some things from the shop - whoops. It was ok, probally better if I'd followed the receipe.


Chucky said...

When you get to #87 on your list, why not make it a lifetime? It's not really that hard and there is nothing but good to come from it.

Happy Earth Day!

saving for travel said...

Rainbowchild-You got so much done yesterday. Congrats.

Hope the volunteering goes well. Can't wait to hear about it.

Your dinner looks yummy by the way.

Sft x