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Monday, 25 April 2011

Enjoying the Sunshine

Didn’t get any of the list done yesterday but had a lovely day. My OH can to see me at the soup kitchen and then we went for lunch. After picking up a few bits for the garden we went to sit in a public garden and enjoy the sunshine. We then heard music and found out that outside the Minster the Archbishop was going to publicly baptise 30 people. We went along to watch and saw one of the clients of where I volunteer being baptised. I managed to get a few pictures and hopefully will get chance to give him them. Below is a picture my OH took of the Minster yesterday.

Spent this afternoon in the garden planting some more vegetables and put another coat of paint on the decking. We got the little plastic greenhouse and a small polytunnel up. I have decided to gravel where I stand my veggie pots as I think it will look neater and save me weeding. This is something I need to cost up. At the moment I have put the pots around the bluebells that are flowering. It’s amazing how quick things change in the garden. We have a bush that gets pretty white flowers on and on Friday there was no sign of flowers but today they were starting to open.

I’ve started the shopping list. I looked back on my records and the last time I did an online shop was 13th November so I think we have managed well. I tend to order mainly bulky things online such as tinned food, washing powder etc. and stock up. I have ordered a delivery of meat to come next Friday. I’m still considering getting a veggi box delivered, I think I might try it for a few weeks and see if we use it all.


saving for travel said...

I bet you're OH is proud of what you are doing at the Soup Kitchen RC.

Sounds like your outdoor space is taking shape and you're getting organised with your food. I'd be very interested to hear about the veggi box if you go ahead with it.

I agree about how quickly nature is changing around us. We went to a Bluebell wood yesterday and it was just magical!

Sft x

saving for travel said...

I meant your OH not you're OH..Sorry still a bit bleary eyed this morning.

Sft x

Dannie said...

Thank you for the lovely picture of York minster, it made me feel like i was back home!

Sounds like a lovely day even though you didn't get to do any of your list.

Well done on planting the veggies.