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Monday, 25 April 2011

Not all ticked off the List

Well I didn’t get everything done on the list but had such a nice break from work. Today was spent again in the garden. I sorted the shed out, put some shelves up in there and re-organised it. I found a colourful thing to hang in the garden – have no idea what it is called but it brightens up the garden.

I found an old shoe box, painted it with some tester pot paint I found in the shed and have put all my seeds in it.

The old chest of drawers from the bedroom is now in the garden. The drawers are out of it. It doesn’t look great but is on the paving stones we have behind the shed and I have put all empty pots in it. Hopefully this will keep them a bit tidier.

The ironing hasn’t been touched, the white drawers are still in the spare room and the pictures still need to be put up in the bathroom but all in all I feel we have made the most of the lovely weather.

And to round off a lovely weekend my friend gave birth to her baby this morning, a little girl who I’m sure will be spoilt by her three big brothers. 


saving for travel said...

Rainbowchid-You've done loads this weekend. Congrats on it all.

Lovely to hear good news about your friend too.

Sft x

Pink Fairy Vicky said...

You did well with all that sorting and organising and glad you enjoyed some sun too. I also had a friend have her baby this morning, it was her first and he was very overdue!