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Monday, 16 May 2011

Starting Again!

Sorry I’ve not been around recently. I’ve felt a bit down and things have got on top of me a bit. However I did find that over the Easter weekend blogging and writing down what I want to do on here did give me something to aim for rather than just thinking there is so much to do – where do I start – and then not do anything.
So this list for this week is
• Transfer money for driving lessons
• Pay visa
• Sort re-cycling out
• Tidy bedroom
• Move cases into spare room
• Bake for soup kitchen
• Sort paperwork in box out
• Sort paperwork in bag out
• Re-pot cucumbers
• Book London hotel
• Do ironing
• Blog each day
• Change car insurance
• Sort out MOT
• Sort out new bank account
• Menu plan
• Go for walk 3 times
• Re-assess finances
• Do a weekly plan/routine for work


oh_mg said...

I love making to-do lists ... I have to make them, actually, because I'm kind of forgetful!

RE: your comment on my blog, I make the oatmeal with water. You can use milk or yogurt, but since I'm off dairy, I use water and just flavor it with my mix-ins!

Dannie said...

Good to see you back rainbow child, had wondered where you had got to. Sorry to hear you've been feeling a bit down, hope things are sorting themselves out.

I'm a big fan of lists and of doing things in small bursts, i think it can help you to keep on top of things and feel like your getting something done.

Take carexx

saving for travel said...

Hope you're feeling a bit better RC x Sorry to hear you were down recently.

Your list is great! Looking forward to hearing how you get on.

Sft x