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Monday, 27 April 2009

Organisation and Theatre

(No. 101 Be more organised at work) I tidied and cleaned my desk on Friday before I left work and it was nice coming in to that this morning. Today I sorted all my emails out, deleting loads, dealing with some and putting the rest into folders. We are so much more organised this year and hope to keep it this way. In fact it is almost like I’m looking for something to do now as we cleared most of the backlog before the end of the financial year and I’ve cleared the rest over the last couple of weeks. It is good because we are finally getting round to the jobs we have wanted to do for ages but haven’t had the time.
I saw a play advertised today but only running until Friday (no. 3 on list). It is at our local amateur theatre and is called The History Boys. I saw the film a few years ago and loved it. Hopefully they will still have some tickets available.

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