18 in 2018

De-Cluttering 2018

Saturday, 25 April 2009


1) Keep my paperwork organised
2) Learn to make chocolate truffles
3) Stick with my monthly budget for 6 months
4) Put £5 into savings for each completed item
5) Do my a family tree
6) Learn how to make my own candles
7) Take a picture of some of the things on this list as I do them and post them on the blog
8) Put hands flat on the ground without bending my knees
9) Brush/floss/wash face/take vitamins etc EVERY NIGHT!
10) Be more girly - nails, lotions, smelly stuff, hair, clothes
11) See 3 plays (0/3).
12) Try 25 new recipes (0/25).
13) Try 10 new local restaurants (0/10).
14) Send a postcard to PostSecret
15) Turn off my computer, TV, radio and ipod for 24 hours
16) Organize all of my books and keep them that way
17) Organize all my old photographs into albums or frames
18) Put luggage away the day after we come home from each holiday/weekend break
19) Join PostCrossing and send 50 cards (0/50)
20) Watch 50 movies on the Top 250 Movies of all Time list (0/50)
21) Clear out spare room
22) Decorate spare room
23) Re-establish household routines daily, weekly, monthly (be a FLylady)
24) Get another piercing/tattoo
25) Spend the day at Camden Market
26) Paint conservatory
27) Put curtains up in our bedroom
28) Get new wardrobes
29) Decorate lounge
30) Have a new bathroom fitted
31) Buy new TV for lounge
32) Shampoo lounge carpet and rug
33) Plant flowers in the garden
34) Grow my own veggies and herbs
35) Eat meal with homegrown veggies
36) Ride a horse again
37) Loose weight
38) Exercise 3 time a week for 6 weeks (0/6)
39) Sort out wardrobe update - if it doesn't fit or look fabulous, out it goes!
40) Donate 100000 grains of rice to freerice 600/100000
41) Eat frogs legs and escargots in France
42) See a musical in London
43) Sell something on eBay
44) Cycle to work 3 times (0/3)
45) Finish off making rug
46) Don’t eat takeaway for 1 month
47) Learn to knit
48) Learn to crochet.
49) Set up a blog
50) Don’t buy bread for 1 month only eat homemade
51) Be more green; reduce waste, recycling, no plastic bags, composting
52) Make a Christmas shoe box
53) Watch all of Lost
54) Go on a cooking course
55) Detox for 1 week
56) Go to a retreat
57) Learn to drive
58) Read all the books I own but haven’t read so far
59) Get rid of everything I don't use/love charity shop/freecycle
60) Do mum dates, with my mum, every other month
61) Go to local events that I want to, even if I have to go on my own
62) Go to music festival
63) Reconnect with music
64) Sort music cd’s and tapes out
65) Learn to bake perfect cupcakes
66) Actually see this list through, and then start a new.
67) Go to bed at 9pm or before every night for a week.
68) Document weight lost with photos with the aim to “look awesome naked”
69) Visit 5 new cities. (0/5)
70) Figure out how to put pictures from my digital camara on here
71) Wear false eyelashes once
72) Be more assertive
73) Take my meds everyday (even when I feel better)
74) Find my own style
75) Eat meals at the dining room table regularly
76) Have houseplants and don’t kill them
77) Empty the washing and ironing baskets
78) Buy a laptop
79) Do all cross-stitch I have but not done
80) Tidy and sort shed out
81) Do a 5k run/walk
82) Have a colonic
83) Drink 2 liters of water a day for one week
84) Go to ladies day at the Ebor Races
85) Stay out all night (like the old days)
86) Actually blog on blog!
87) Get properly fitted for a bra
88) Private
89) Buy a pair of Uggs
90) Buy a pair of Birkenstocks
91) Decorate kitchen
92) Visit a country I haven’t been to before
93) Make pasta from scratch
94) Go on a Meditation course
95) Buy a greenhouse
96) Swim a mile non stop
97) Complete at least on task on We are what we do
98) Give the foreign coins we have collected to charity
99) Go vegetarian for a week
100) Wear a skirt to work (several times)
101) Be more organized at work


Tempewytch said...

Looks like you have some fun things on there (and post crossing is good fun - I actually have a post card album specifically for the cards I get!)

Rainbowchild said...

Thanks, thats a really good idea. I sent my 1st card yesterday and am looking forward to receiving some.

lonestarsky said...

Hi there, I'm lonestarsky from the MSE forum =)

Best of luck with your list, you have a lot of great goals there, looking forward to following your progess!

Rims said...

Hi, I just dropped by here. I will be joining the 101/1001 :)still coming up with my goals :)

All the best!