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Sunday, 26 April 2009

Greenhouse - 1st task completed!

I’ve managed to complete my first task yey! – no. 95 Buy a Greenhouse. Sadly not a big proper glass one as we only have a small garden but we got a little plastic one with 3 shelves, which my hubby very kindly put together for me. I put in it sunflowers, strawberries, lettuce, onions. I also planted some potatoes in bags. Have got some more seeds to plant but need some deeper pots. I have to re-think the garden, as the area I had dug over for veggies doesn’t get enough sun, so got to decide what to put there instead. One idea is for a small pond but might just sow some wild flowers, will have to think about it.
We also went to a new restaurant (no. 13) after getting said greenhouse. It’s called Chiquito . It was really good value for money and the service was great. I had bbq chicken wings, chilli beef tacos and chocolate brownie sundae, which was heaven!

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