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Monday, 11 May 2009


Been a bit laxed this week with the list. The History Boys was brilliant. If we hadn’t known it was amateur’s we’d never have guessed. The young lads acted their little socks off.
Unfortunately my new greenhouse blew down in the wind, taking all my seeds with it. Was gutted L Hubby was great and rescued what he could but am sure there will be onions springing up in the lawn. I was then taken shopping after work and treated to couple of propagators which won’t blow over and more seeds (I’m very lucky). I also got a prayer plant for the bargain of £1.
I’m still impressed that work is organised – got a bit behind as had a bit of project work to complete and meetings that went on forever. On Friday I wrote down everything I want to do this week and I seem to be able to prioritise a bit better.
Posted my 1st postcard on Postcrossing (no. 19) and the lovely lady sent me one back to say thank you. I need to get an album to put them in.
I’m going to set some targets for May (idea “borrowed” from another blog). I realised I been working on the “nice” tasks on my list rather that ones that are more difficult/scary e.g. losing weight/learning to drive.


Dannie said...

Good luck with working on some of the more difficult challenges, although they may be a bit harder i am sure the rewards will be greater.

Dannie said...

Forgot to say, sorry about the wind destroying your plants and am glad you have got some more, let hope they hold better in the wind.