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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Two Done

Yey! I've completed two tasks.
I ordered a new TV today for the lounge (no 31) The one we have now works but the sound does keep going off – always at the crucial point in whatever programme we are watching and to when watching dvd’s they are in black and white. It hasn’t done bad, my friend’s dad gave us it a few years ago and it has lasted longer than we thought. The new TV is coming on Monday evening and they are setting it up for us too.

I also got measured for a bra (no 87). I’ve put on a fair bit of weight in the last year and the ones I have were getting very uncomfortable. The lady in the shop was very nice, didn’t make me feel uneasy and guess my cup size just by looking at me – very impressed! I bought two to start with, they are so much more comfortable.


Tempewytch said...

Well done on both of these! Enjoy the new tv when it arrives and enjoy the comfort now!

Dannie said...

Great news on both things and for getting some completed on the list. Bet you cant wait to watch the new tv.

Rainbowchild said...

Thank for your comments. Feel so much more comfortable Tempewytch lol.
The TV is sooo good, made me realise how bad the old on was. Can now get on with watching all the film I want to see from the list.