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Friday, 23 September 2011

Time Out

As of tomorrow I have 4 days off work - yippee.

I’m having an early start tomorrow picking my OH up from a night shift, then dropping off a congratulation card for a colleague who is getting married on Saturday. They very kindly invited me to go but typically it was on the only weekend I was away.

Then I’m going to nip up to mums to check she is ok and drop off a few bits of shopping for her.

After that we are going to Edinburgh for a couple of nights and to see the singer Adele. I’m driving us there and it’s the first time I have driven such a long way and I’m a bit nervous but it will be worth it. I’m making us a pack up to save on spending money at the motorway cafes. The plan is we will arrive at the B&B around 7pm, and then nip out for something to eat.
We haven’t really got anything planned for during the day on Saturday, just see how we feel and what the weather is like and then have an early dinner before we go to see Adele.

I’m really looking forward to it.

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saving for travel said...

Hope your mum is feeling better!

Your weekend away sounds lovely!

Sft x