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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Gardening Course

Last night was the 1st night of the 5 week Spring Growing evening class.  My friend unfortunately was ill so couldn’t come but I went anyway and collected lots of info for her.  It is being held at the Environment Centre in our city.  The building itself is set in a 24 acre nature reserve.  It has solar panels, collects rainwater and has a very cosy wood burning stove.  They seem to run lots of courses, either free or some of them for £1! Hope the link works.

There were about 20 people there and it was interesting to see how we all seemed to want something different from the course, hard for the man taking it and trying to cram it all into 5 weeks!  Some people had been growing fruit and vegetables for a while, others have just got an allotment and there were a couple of people from different community gardens.  Our city has a project running where throughout the city in unsuspecting places there are vegetables growing for anyone to eat. 
I think the course will be good.  I’ve already got a bit more of an idea what to plant and also thinking of getting another little plastic green house.  Who knows we might actually get to eat something I grow this year!


saving for travel said...

Oh, the course sounds so good. I wish I could go too.

Glad you're enjoying it.

Sft x

Compostwoman said...

Oh, did you get to meet John Cossham? Compost John? he is a great friend and really good on composting, eco living and generally being very green. He lives in York.