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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Another Festival

We had been looking at having a short break in May to Barcelona and had managed to find some reasonable flights however….

I was browsing on the net when I found out that one of my favourite bands are going to be playing at a festival in July.  This lead to looking at the line up and with a bit of gentle persuasion, manage to get the OH to agree to come with me.  He hasn’t been to a festival before and I think that camping might have been a step to far, also the price inc. camping was ridiculous so will book into a bed and breakfast near the festival.  To be honest its not too far from where we live so we could always drive back if we can’t find anywhere to stay.

So the money we had started to put aside for Barcelona has gone on a festival.  I know that money wise it would have been more economical to go to Spain but I love seeing live bands and the fact the lineup included bands that we both love was too good an opportunity to miss. 


saving for travel said...

Sounds wonderful. Good spot RC!

Sft x

Dannie said...

What's the festival Rc, is it Leeds festival? I know what you mean about camping, a b and b sounds like a good idea. Great news about the festival though and should be great fun.

If it is Leeds i am jealous as i'm sure the Cure are playing and i would love to see them.

I was wondering how your mum is doing now? I hope she is ok in the home that she's in and nicely settled.xx

Meanqueen said...

I've never been to a festival, not a fan of crowds. If I am going to watch a musical show I want to sit down in a comfy seat, ha ha. I hope you enjoy it.