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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Nights Out


This week due to the good weather we had a couple of spontaneous nights out.

On Tuesday we went to the sea side after work. Had fish and chips, walked on the beach and finished with an icecream.

A couple of nights later we decided to go for a picnic.  We were already having soup and sandwiches for dinner so packed them into a bag and drove to Castle Howard.  We sat in the car, enjoying the view while munching on our butties. 

After we finished we walked round the lake.

A family of ducks had bedded down for the night in the middle of the path, we tried not to disturb them as we walked past.


Before heading back to the car as the sun was setting.

We really enjoyed just doing something different, rather than just sitting in and both evenings didn't cost much. 

1 comment:

Dannie said...

Looks lovely! It's nice to see the sun shining:-)

Which beach did you go to?