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Sunday, 14 February 2010


Re-connect with music
I have made a conscious decision not to turn the TV on and listen to more music. I would like a docking station for my ipod but need to save up. But love genius on itunes which I play on the pc while doing chores. Two bands I’m listening to at the moment are Snow Patrol, OH brought me their greatest hits for Christmas, and also Dove’s who we saw at the Bingley Music Festival last year.

Cook new recipes
The chicken pie (from leftover roast dinner) I made was something I’ve only done once before. I did cheat and used brought puff pastry but I don’t think that’s too bad!
I’m trying to do a menu plan each week and include a new recipe in that.

I took all the coins we had collected from our travels over the years to the RSPCA

I had wanted a pair of Ugg boots but couldn’t justify the costs but found a pair of Ugg-like boots in TKMax for £45. They are so comfy and have kept my tootsies warm during all the snow and ice.

Local Events
I have booked to see the Hairy Bikers in March. I’m not sure what to expect but hope they will show some good recipes. I am going with a friend who I first met a few years ago at the busstop each morning on the way to work. Ended up chatting, as you do, and she has become a good friend. Even looked after our cat when we first got him and he was too young to go to the cattery while we where on holidays. Last year we both had a bit of a go growing our own vegetables and this year we are going to do more and have pooled resources, and ideas.

Beauty Products
While making a start on clearing out our spare room I found lots of shower gel, shampoos etc. I don’t want to buy any more until I have used all the stuff I have. The only things I will buy are creams etc for my eczema.

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