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Monday, 22 February 2010

Eating Out

The first restaurant we have been to is Michael's Brasserie ( I have passed this place so many times and the menu always looks great. My OH booked us a table for Valentines Day, such a romantic! There was lots of things on the menu that sounded good and I always think it is a good menu if you struggle to choose. I had deep fried goats cheese to start which came with a kind of jam/chutney and salad and OH had chicken and leek soup. I love goat’s cheese and this was so nice. For my main I had lobster themador and again it was lovely. OH had lamb shank which was a so tender and very large. Then the dessert, yummm was Eton Mess which not only had strawberries but lots of others berries, it came in a glass and if I could have could have got my head in it and licked it all up I would have! In the taxi going home OH said that he would go there again which shows he enjoyed it.

The second place we went to was Evil Eye bar ( We had heard they did a really good Thai curry and boy do they! I had prawns skewers to start which had been marinated in some spicy sauce on a really nice crunch salad. OH had chicken with lemongrass. Then OH had Thai green curry and I can’t remember the name but a kind of chicken curry and sticky rice for mains. The curries were both quite rich and the portions were massive, if we had known how large they were we wouldn’t have had a starter.


Frugal Life UK said...

sounds good

chux said...

yum! Thai Green favourite!! Glad you enjoyed the grub.