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Friday, 26 November 2010

Days Off

I have got a long weekend with Friday and Monday off - yay :).

There are lots of things I want to achive on these four days. They are:

Decorate the Kitchen - Strip wallpaper off, prep walls (fill in holes), paint ceiling, paint wall
Do ALL ironing
Clean oven
Start sorting out spare room - At the moment you can't even set foot in it. I want to try and sort out what needs to be binned, freecycled, stuff to sell on ebay/car boot and charity shop
Put books on Amazon/Green Met
Batch cooking - Meat man delivering today so going to make shepherds pie, bolognese (for spag bol & lasagne) and curry to freeze
Tidy main bedroom
Type DH CV
Drop duvet off at laundrette (depends on weather)
Finalise budget for next year
Catch up on recorded tv

Hopefully will get it all done.

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