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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Update on Jobs Done

Well I didn’t get as much as I had hoped done on Monday. I totally underestimated how over grown the garden was and also how unfit I am!
I cut the weeds back as my OH followed me digging it over. It took most of the day, with a few breaks but we have broken the back of it. We both ached at the end of the day but really felt we had achieved something.

After I had picked the car up from the garage we nipped up to the garden centre for a few bits and I managed to get some sunflowers, ferns, lettuce and fuchias all in the reduce section, which just needed a good water.

I updated my spreadsheet and checked bank accounts. I also set up another spreadsheet for car costs, to try and work out how much journeys cost in petrol.

I also wrote a list of all we have in the freezer and will do some batch cooking this weekend. I will do a menu plan for the rest of the month and should only need to buy milk, bread and fresh fruit and veg.


Dannie said...

Well done! It sounds like you have made some great progress there. Well done on the gardening, its amazing how time consuming it can be and how much hard work it is, spent hours in my own garden recently, so can empathise!

saving for travel said...

Well done on getting on top of the garden and picking up those bargains.

Sft x

Frugaldom said...

I can't NOT comment on the garden centre bargains, excellent work cornering those. :) You're sounding really organised with your spreadsheets, batch cooking and meal planning, well done on that, too. :)