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Friday, 4 November 2011

Food Glorious Food

What was interesting by doing my food challenge last month was finding out the things that went down well with my OH were things that I thought he wasn’t keen on. He enjoyed meat from left over roasts which I had frozen with gravy and he also like the homemade vegetable soup. The baguettes I’d cut into four and froze along with some rolls that were yellow stickered at 10p where handy to have will soup or sausage casserole. I also know what not to buy again. I still have some frozen stir-fry veg and peppers that I haven’t used. I also found some frozen grilled aubergine from when I made mousakka once, there isn’t enough to make another one and I don’t want to buy any more some will have to think of a way to use them up.

I think I will have a meat delivery next week. I can’t remember the last time we had one. I hope that his prices haven’t gone up but I think that in the current climate they will have. I have found a new place for fruit and vegetables. I’m not sure if they are cheaper than Aldi but the fruit I got from there the other day was so tasty it was worth it. Also it is a local independent trader which I like to support.

I will definitely keep up with the menu planning and want to try some new recipes this month.

Here is next weeks menu plan, using up a few more bits from the freezer.

Mince and onions, jacket potato & veg
Home made chicken curry & chips/rice
£5 meal deal from Morro’s/ or Roast Chicken
Tuna steaks, new potatoes & veg/salad
Pasta carbonara
Fish pie/pork, mash potatoes & veg
Mackerel/veggie burger, jacket potatoes & salad
Seafood risotto


keshling said...

Nom nom nom - it all sounds delicious!!! It really helps when you menu plan I find - it's the biggest help towards frugality I know.

K xx

saving for travel said...

I agree, it all sounds delicious.

More info about mackerel/veggie burger please!

Sft x

Mum said...

It sounds better than your 'rubbish eating' day. I love the pic of the soup in the bread roll.
Love from Mum