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Sunday, 1 January 2012

After my last very negative post I am going to keep this positive. As Sft says let go of the anger, it’s not good. I think it was a build-up of stresses over the last few months and I “lost it” for a bit. Thank you all for your kind words and support.

Anyway all is good for now. I had a great Christmas. We only buy token pressies and I feel very lucky with what I received including slippers, socks & smellies. I visited mum on the morning. She is in a care home for only four weeks at the moment, I hope she can stay there permanently. When I got there she was sipping sherry and had been given some lovely presents by the staff. I stayed until they were sat for dinner then came home. Just the two of us to cook for and it was so relaxed. We had a four bird roast (from Aldi) with all the trimmings. It was great to have time off work, to know mum is being well cared for, spend time with OH (he was back to work on Boxing Day) and to relax – just what the doctor ordered!

It gave me time to work on plans for next year which are:

Overpay mortgage. I would love to give an amount but anything would be good
Have emergency savings of £1500 - We need to save another £700 to get to this figure
Continue to save into holiday fund - We are doing well with this
Sell – The stuff we don’t want. I want to use ebay lots and maybe do a car boot sale. This money will be used for things we would like to get for our home

De-clutter – There is stuff in every room that I want to re-home, either sell, give to charity shops/freecycle
Decorate – Every room apart from the bathroom needs fully decorating. The conservatory is the only room that just need a lick of paint the others removal of wall paper etc.
Grow more vegetables – After starting off really well, other things took over this year but the things that grew were very nice
Enjoy the garden – We didn’t sit out much at all this year. Next year I hope to enjoy it more

Have two holidays – Hopefully, we are saving for a main holiday and then a week somewhere later on in the year
Go camping
Do things from my life list – I am working on this and will post it soon

I want to and need to lose weight
Swim each week
Increase my (non-existent) fitness

So to start with I'm going to do the No/Low Spend January Challenge that alot of bloggers are doing.

I have freezer and cupboards full of food, so should only need to buy fresh vegetables/fruit, milk etc. Menu planning should make the most of everything we have and I don’t want to have any waste food.

I am fully stocked on toiletries but did run out of the tablet’s I have to take over Christmas so need to buy them.

The only other thing I can think of that I will need is petrol and cat food.



Meanqueen said...

It sounds like you have had a tough time lately, big hugs from me. Your list of plans for 2012 are commendable, but don't push yourself too hard and don't worry if you fall off the wagon ocassionally. Give yourself time to breath. Best wishes.

Dannie said...

Good for you for focusing on the positive. As someone once said, leave the negativity behind in the old year and focus on the positive in the new year.

Glad your mum had a nice time and i hope she is able to stay if she is settled.

Best of luck with new year,it sounds like you have a great plan and sound very focused. Best of luck with it and i look forward to following your adventures. Also really looking forward to hearing about your life list!xxx

Pink Fairy Vicky said...

Happy New Year!
No wonder you were a little down with everything going on but well done for pulling yourself together and focusing on the positive stuff. They look like some good goals, good luck with them.

x x x

Mum said...

Best wishes for the new year - you are organised!
Love from Mum

saving for travel said...

I am willing that your Mum can stay longer in the home. Come on positive thoughts everyone!

Happy New Year!

What a great goal list, I know you'll do really well.

Sft x

Jayne said...

Happy New Year, take it a day at a time, and it will all work out fine, and isn't it lovely to have the bloggy community behind us.