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Wednesday, 14 December 2011


I woke up angry and am still angry now!!

My role at work has been added too.
I was more or less told yesterday that my work isn’t as important as colleagues, I can put mine aside to answer calls but they can’t, they are far too busy. We are all busy and should work together as a team. That is fine but part of my responsibility is ensuring a legal requirement with deadlines is met. And we have been meeting them as the figures show but, no this new phone structure is more important. So guess what happened this morning when the report I have to do wasn’t done, “RC can you drop everything and do the report by 11am”. It just bugs me so much that when we expressed our concerns before they introduced the new system and they were just completely ignored.

The other thing I am absolutely fuming about is mum. Since being diagnosed she has been on medication for her dementia which has to be kept up. This was expressed by her mental health nurse and I checked while she was in the main hospital and they agreed. Today she had moved into a care home and I was discussing her meds with a member of staff and they said that this hasn’t been prescribed. I rang the hospital she was discharged from only to find out that a junior doctor had taken her off these tablets on the 4th November but they don’t know why. There is no note in the file. I am so bloody angry because she shouldn’t have been taken off the tablets and also if there is a physical, medical reason that should be recorded. They have said they will ensure she is put back on them, which to me says there was no reason for her to be taken off them. A manager is going to ring me tomorrow.

Sorry for the rant, I’m going to have a cup of tea and relax – deep breaths now :)

STF – I will start again with a new list, just got to keep battling on

Dannie – Thank you for your support, it is emotional but in a good way if that makes sense as I have so many happy memories.

Thanks for the video to dvd info, I will look into it.


saving for travel said...

Oh, poor you.

It sounds like work has the problem not you. Stay strong.

Hope the medicine gets sorted out today. Thank goodness you noticed.

Try to let go of that anger. I know it's all valid but don't let it upset you further.


Sft x

Attila said...

My mum has had dementia for some years so I know you need a big (((HUG))). You have to be her advocate because she can't defend herself, but try to find a way to do what you have to do that doesn't stress you out more than necessary. Your mum will get better care if everyone knows you are there and will fight her case to the ends of the earth if necessary. Hang on to every little bit of your mum in your memory because it will give you joy when she gets worse. I am so glad to read of a mum who has the daughter she deserves.

Dannie said...

What an awful situation:-( Sounds like work is rather stressful and uncooperative. Shame about your mum's situation, how appalling to take her off tablets without communicating with others first. Wish people would realise their actions would have concequences.