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Monday, 5 December 2011

Money Round Up

As mentioned briefly in yesterday’s post I had a meeting with the bank. It was one of those where they call you in and try and sell you some sort of insurance/new bank account etc. I do find these things useful though, as they often ask questions that I can’t answer which sometimes makes me worry as I like to think I am fairly on the ball where money is concerned.

We looked at my accounts and she question why one was at zero balance. I explained that once I get paid into that account the money gets moved around for bills and savings. I also like to see that the accounts where “rounded up”. I have moved some money around to make use of this years ISA allowance. The bank suggests that you have 3 months or £3k as an emergency fund and we are a long way from having that. Still it gives us something to aim for next year.

This week will be a fairly low spend week. Food wise all we need is mushy peas, baked beans and butter, along with cat food and washing powder. I tried Aldi’s own brand powder last month and it does the job. The only other spend will be to fill up with petrol.

And to finish I found 10p while tidying the bedroom which went straight into the sealed pot to start the challenge.

SFT - I have no idea where the sixpence came from, I must have got it in change from somewhere. It's sat on the side in the kitchen as I don't know what to do with it!


saving for travel said...


No, seriously, what a great find, I would treasure it's history and put it somewhere safe.

Sft x

Anonymous said...

Yes, you must keep the sixpence. My Nana used to give me sixpence...for luck, she said, so maybe it will do the same for you!

No Spend Days said...

Hi just catching up with your blog posts. I hope your hubby is ok now.
How is the search going for your mums home?. I do bank work in a home. Its a very lovely home with lovely staff. I do hope you find somewhere that you can leave your mum where you feel happy to as well. Take care x x