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Saturday, 10 December 2011

A List as Long as My Arm

Things to do this weekend.

• Send thank you card & cheque to mums carers
• Send note & cheque to mums window cleaners
• Start writing Christmas cards
• Buy works Secret Santa’s
• Wrap Christmas presents
• Sort out box of kitchen stuff from mums
• Tidy kitchen
• Washing
• Ironing
• Pack up rest of kitchen things at mums
• Defrost mums fridge & freezer
• Clean mums kitchen
• Sort out stuff under mums sinks
• Bring sewing & knitting things back from mums
• Empty desk at mums
• Empty drawers in lounge at mums
• Empty & pack up mums books shelf
• Pack up mums clothes that are too big for her & take to charity shop
• Pick up fire guard for friend from Freecycle

but first I'll just have a cup of tea...


saving for travel said...

What about numbering your list according to priority.

I find this eases stress as you do and tick off most important first. Left with easier jobs towards end.

Good luck with everything and enjoy that tea!


Sft x

Dannie said...

Aww, sounds like a busy day, hope its turned out productive and am guessing you will feel better once it is all under way and your feeling more organised!

I_Want_A_Simpler_Life said...

My goodness and I thought I had a lot to do this weekend!

Love SFT's idea of priority numbering....why didn't I think of that for myself! D'oh.

Anne said...

Wow, you have got a busy weekend. Hope you manage to get it all done. Good luck X