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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


My OH texed me after he had got to work last night, saying he had recieved a letter to say he was being made redundant at the end of this week!

Gutted isn't enough for how I feel. 

I have a holiday day tomorrow so am going to see our mortgage people to see how we stand with the insurance we have paid.  This may help with the mortgage payment but I need to check.  I will also go to the job centre to see how he goes about claiming job seekers allowance as well as looking for any vacancies.  Hopefully he will find something soon but just incase it will help.  He has typed a letter to go with his CV and is going to go round dropping it off at places.   I have checked the local paper today but there was nothing suitable sadly. Luckierly they have offered overtime at work for me, so I will be doing as much as I can.  We have fair amount of food in the freezer but I will stock up once he gets paid (he has 11 holidays to come), just incase it is a while before he gets another job.

We are lucky that we can manage on my wage.  That is pay the bills but with nothing left over for mortgage overpayments or holidays so it could be worse.

Any more ideas or suggestions for what we can do we would be greatfull for.


Justine said...

Hi, sorry to hear your news. Ideas I have are for cutting back really, put heating on of you have to, don't buy new clothes, no eating out, cut down food budget. Just be sensible really.

Sharon Jennings said...

Not good news, I hope you get the mortgage sorted.

The only advice and ideas I can give are cutting back on non essentials and have a good clear out and sell anything that you no longer need or use.

Good luck to OH on getting a new job x

Trudie said...

So sorry to hear your news and I hope something comes along quickly for you - I'm in the similar position - just waiting to hear who will keep their job and who won't - it's not a nice place to be in is it? Good Luck - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you xxx

saving for travel said...

Oh, I am so sad to hear this RC!

Hope your OH gets a new job soon.

I think the comments above say it all.

Big Hugs

Sft x

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your news. I would re look at all my outgoings to see if I can possibly cut down on them. I would meal plan and to save as much money as possible and cut down on my car usage as petrol is so expensive. basiccaly I would only spend what I really needed to.

There is lots of helpful advice here too:

Hope this helps

Dannie said...

Only just seen this:-( This is crap news and so sorry to hear about your rubbish times and the speed at which he is being made redundant. So if you posted this on Thursday, were they only giving him the Friday then, because that's terrible!! Really hope something comes about soon, its great that you've been so quick thinking about it though and have begun trying to overcome any issues