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Saturday, 17 November 2012

Redunacy Update

So OH final “consultation” meeting was this morning and that is it.  His last shift should have been Sunday but they will pay him and he doesn’t go in.  He came out of the meeting around 11am, met me from my volunteer job and we walked to a restaurant where we had heard they were looking for a kitchen porter and as I type he is on a trial shift!  We aren’t getting our hopes up and it might not be enough hours for anything long term but it does show that there are jobs out there.  Also it has given him a bit of a boost too.  Even if he doesn’t get taken on they are going to pay him for tonight. 

The mortgage insurance is just on my wage.  We had a feeling it would be but hoped not.  This means that they can’t help.

Thank you so much for all your comments, I really do think that Bloggers are great at supporting each other.

Justine – We haven’t put the heating on as much normal, also takeaways (our budgeting downfall!) are well and truly off the menu
Sharon – Clearing out and selling is a good idea, I have lots of things I keep meaning to list online, now is the time to get myself in gear!
Trudie – Sorry to hear you are in the same boat.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for you too.
Sft – Thank you for your support, as always J
Notjustgreenfingers – You are right about petrol.  Unfortunately I’ve had to drive to work for a month (I normally get a lift) and the difference has made a real dent in our petrol budget.  Thank you for the link, lots of useful information.



Justine said...

I love your positive attitude! Go you!!

Meanqueen said...

My thoughts are that women are able to hold things together a lot better than men are, in times of troubles. And when you work as a team as you two are, you have a much better chance of survival. Keep on talking to each other and draw strength from that. And watch every penny you spend. Best of luck in the job hunt.

Mum said...

Hope the trial becomes permanent.
Love from Mum

Dannie said...

RC, i posted on your other post today as only just saw your posts. I am so sorry for the crap that you guys are having to go through. How rubbish that they only gave him such short notice. I feel for you guys:-(

Great news that he had a trial for a kitchen porter, hope he got the job and more than anything it is fantastic that he has even gone to the extent of getting straight back out there.

Disappointing news about the mortgage insurance.

Fingers crossed that things turn a corner and get back on track once again.xx

saving for travel said...


Firstly, I'm really sorry to hear about the mortgage insurance :(

But it's great news that your OH got the work as a Kitchen Porter and I hope that has come to something.

I do hope next time you post you have good news.

I too admire your positive attitude.

Sft x