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Friday, 7 December 2012

Good News

Well the washing up trial didn’t lead to anything, but he got £30 for the shift.

One of the hotels he dropped a CV off at were looking for a kitchen porter.  He went in for an interview with the Head Chef, who once he saw OH’s CV said they might be looking for a Night Porter so he asked him to come back and see the Manager.  They can’t offer anything permanent but as it is Christmas Party season they are looking for someone to work four nights a week helping the Night Porter setting the function rooms up and other general duties.  So as I post this he is in bed after completing his 2nd shift.  I am so pleased, not only for the financial side of things (it’s more money too), but it has given my OH a boost.  I think it must be very easy to think that after being made redundant that no one wants me.  I am so proud of him for staying positive.
Other news is I’m off work with whooping cough!  I have had this cough for about 5 weeks and yesterday went to the Doctors who sent me for blood tests.  I am passed the infectious stage but once work knew that’s what I have they didn’t want me to go in so I have to self-certificate for 5 days.  I am a bit annoyed by it as when I started with it they were happy for me to carry on working and the environment that they have created now is that you are scared to take time off sick as it flags up against you.

And more good news is that my job is (at the moment) safe for another 2 years.  The restructure has gone through and is being finalised.  We are going to get a pay rise of £35 a year!
Thank you all for your great comments of support J


Mum said...

Well done to OH.
Poor you being ill with whooping cough.
Well done you for getting a pay rise and assurance of staying in your job.
Love from Mum

Astra said...

I hope your resting up and eating well to help clear up that cough, sounds bad...

Good luck with the job hunting, it can really be a hard time to get thru but I looked at it as each no was a positive, meaning your closer to the job your supposed to get, and if your pro-active, which you guys definitely are you'll always find something


Dannie said...

That's great news that your other half has found some work and is getting back on his feet again. He has been fantastic about finding work again as it can't be easy out there.

Sorry to hear you have been poorly though as that must be yucky! hope the whooping cough passes soon and your able to get back to work.

Pleased your job is going to be safe for the next two years, i would imagine that's a big relief! Hope your other half finds something more permanent soon.xx