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Thursday, 14 January 2016

Catching up with the bestie

I met my best friend just over 10 years ago.  We didn't like each other at first but had to work together in a little portakabin and soon discovered even though there is a 13 year age gap between us (I'm the older one) we both had the same sense of humour.  Over the 10 years we have seen each other though the ups' and downs of life such as domestic abuse, engagement, miscarriage, birth of her daughter (I was privilege to cut the cord) and deaths of parents. 

We use see each other every day at work and then sometimes out of work and with me changing jobs and she had her gorgeous little girl just over a year ago we have both had to adjust not seeing each other as much. So when we catch up it is so nice and comfortable. We try and see each other once a week and I can see how fast her little girl is growing which is incredible to see.

She spoils me when I go, making me breakfast and sharing her dinner too this time with a recipe I am going to try, beef with pasta and olives, simple and tasty.


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