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Monday, 18 June 2012

Stretching a Curry

The other night I made chicken curry, cheated with a cheap jar of sauce but added onion, peppers, mushrooms, spinach, just things that needed eating up.  There was one portion left over which I was going to freeze but yesterday I added a bit of left over tomato juice, mango chutney, raita with a tin of chickpea and the rest of the spinach along with gravy granules, curry powder and water.  Now I have four portions to freeze for a few more pence.

I called in at the little “express” supermarket in our village just at the right time and got pizza for 93p, 2 packs of 5 chicken drum sticks for 37p each, a lettuce for 25p and 3 fish pies from their no additives range which should have been 3 for £5 but cost me £1.41.  I have frozen the chicken and 1 fish pie, my colleague and I had the pizza with lettuce and coleslaw (reduced from another store) for lunch.  Tonight we had fish pie and veg for our dinner. 
I'm going back to menu planning as it really works well for us, so the plan for this week is:

Menu Plan

Mon: Fish pie and veg

Tues: Jacket potato, tuna burgers and salad

Wed: Faggots, mash potato and veg (OH), spicy pork and rice – me

Thur: Faggots, mash potatoes and veg (OH only) I’m hitting the town!

Fri: Something fishy – got a few pieces in the freezer

The Magatha – Another Levellers fan J  I have seen them a few times before, even going on my own last year to small local gig they did, I just love them, especially live.  Thank you for following me xx

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