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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Big Changes...

Happy New Year.

Last year was full of highs and lows. 

I sadly lost my Mum in January and then in November her brother passed away.  Work is another big change.  Due to things that have occurred in the last few months I feel I can no longer work with the people I do. 

The good things to have come out of these are the love of my friends and family.  My cousins came to Mums funeral and for the first time I felt like I had bothers and sisters.  We are not a close family, however, I think the things that have happened this year have made us closer and I like that.  My friends have been such a support too and I have also been reminded who my true friends are.

There have been many highlights too, seeing Prince live, camping in Wales, holidays in Spain, a festival and the best one of all being present at the birth of my best friends little girl.

The plans for this year are to change jobs, things are in the pipeline for this which if come off means a complete career change and a lot lower salary.  But I hope with this change (fingers crossed) I will be happier and have a better work/life balance.  We are still working on the house, there is more to do than we first thought but we will get there.  I hope to have more time to do things that I would like to, hobbies, spending time with my hubby and friends, oh and blog! :)



Mum said...

Welcome back. Hope the year is a good one for you.

Dannie said...

Sounds like a busy year RC and not the easiest one. I'm glad that some positive things have come out of the sad times you have experienced.

It so often happens that in times of hardship we find out who is really there for you and i'm pleased you've had some great and true friends who were there for you.

Good luck with the job change and i hope something gets sorted for you soon so that you can be happier in your work situation.

All the best for the start of 2015.xx