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Monday, 24 October 2011

Brought sugar and olive oil for the store cupboards. I’m really enjoying this challenge of only spending £10 per week. It has made me a lot more conscious of what I buy and I’m getting out of the habit of just putting things in the trolley. In fact I’ve put things back because we don’t need them. We still have a bit of fish left in the freezer but have used alot.

Someone won my item on ebay but the buyer hasn’t paid yet. As it is my first venture selling on ebay I’m not too sure how quick people pay. I got a cheque for £30 for an old mobile, which is going into my savings account. We have saved £400 towards our holiday next year, which is a great start. We probably won’t be able to save this amount each month but my OH got paid more than we expected this month. We have decided that the majority of my OH wage will go into the holiday fund but a bit of it will go into the bill account. The actual amount will change each month as OH hours vary. I am going to transfer the amount we have left each month (hopefully there will be some!) into our emergency fund to build that back up.

Mum is still in hospital and on Friday the Doctor asked me to go in as she wanted to talk to me. It wasn’t good news sadly, so I am spending as much time there as I can. I managed to get the phone beside her bed to work to call my mums sister, who lives in Canada on Saturday and mum spoke to her which as great. She had such a big smile on her face and laughed when her big sister told her to get her ass out of bed! The nurse’s let me go in when it is meal times, so I can feed mum. She is hardly eating but at least I have the time to try and encourage her. I made her some soup today and was very pleased when she ate some.

Meanqueen – You’re welcome anytime :) I have found some things in the cupboards I’ve forgotten about and am going to use them this month. Also have found some things I’m not going to use and have given them to the soup kitchen I work in rather than throw them out.

SFT – I haven’t been on Frugeldom for a while, but thanks for the reminder. I have found so much inspiration from there.


saving for travel said...

So pleased to hear from you but I'm so sorry about your mum. You are doing the right thing, spending precious time with her and keeping her spirits up. Let's home she can phone her sis often.

As for the food budget that is less than mine at £60 per month! WOW! I am also eating from the store cupboards this month and it is a bit of an adventure isn't it?

Lastly, come on spill the beans about this know me TRAVEL DETAILS PLEASE!

take care

Big Hugs

Sft x

Anonymous said...

Hello, just recently found your blog and am so enjoying reading it - you are doing really well!
Chris (tine)

Saving Pounds in the UK! said...

I enjoyed reading your two recent posts. You are doing a good thing to spend so much time with your Mum while she is in the hospital. Sorry the news wasn't good though. How nice to help her talk to her Sister, I can imagine that would have made her day!

Mum said...

Love to your mum and hugs to you.
Love from Mum