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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Well I did it, I drove to Edinburgh, nonstop on the way there. It wasn’t as bad as I thought and I’m proud that I managed to do it. There was a few delays, road works and an accident so it took a bit longer than planned, 5 hours.

We dumped the bags at the B&B an adventured out. It was quite a walk to the centre and we went to TGI Fridays for dinner. I often prefer not to go to chain places but we have been there before and everything is spot on. It was so busy, so we had a couple of drinks at the bar before our table was ready, their banana sandwich cocktail went down very well! We had a burger each, mine with blue cheese and OH with bacon. They were so tasty and meaty.

The next day, after cooked breakfast we walked from Leith, which was the area of Edinburgh we were staying in. There was lots of charity shops to browse in. I only brought a book as I did think they were all very pricey.
We had a late lunch, Chinese buffet which was ok and then back to B&B to rest and get ready for the concert.

Adele was amazing. We were near the front so got a great view for pictures if I’d remembered the camera! I liked the fact she chatted inbetween songs and explained how they came about. Her voice was fantastic, note prefect.

This was from that night

It was great to have a break and it didn’t cost too much.


Frugaldom said...

Glad you had a great time and I have to agree about the charity shops - we just don't get the bargains here that similar places in the south can offer. Strange, really.

Dannie said...

I love the Leith area for the charity shops, think their great!

Thats interesting frugaldom because i love going back to Yorkshire as the charity shops are so much cheaper and find the ones down south so expensive. I saw a new look coat once for sale in the charity shop, it was priced £25, i had seen it in new look the season before and it was £25 then!! I got a new look coat from a charity shop in Yorkshire for £1.25!! So pleased!

Glad you enjoyed it Rc and well done you fordriving up there, must have been nerve wracking but you did it!:-)xx