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Friday, 5 August 2011

Mini Targets

I have a few small things I would like to achive in August. They are:

* Go swimming at least twice a week
* Take lunch to work each day - This is to stop me spending a fortune at Morros
* Pay Visa off - will be so glad if I can manage this
* Send thank you card to my uncle - He very kindly sent me a cheque as he knew I'd had a bit of a rough time with Mums illness
* Apply for job - I have decided apply for the part time job, with the view nothing ventured, nothing gained. If I find it too hard I can give it up
* Look into getting a lodger/student to rent my spare room
* Carry on sorting the garden out
* Menu Plan - I still have lots in the freezer and need to sort mums freezer out as she doesn't cook anymore. I would like to do small home-made freezer meals for her so the career can just heat them up for her dinner.

I think that is it for now :)


Mum said...

Good luck with the list. You could cross things off here as you achieve them. Thank you card first maybe. I'm sure your mum will appreciate her home-made freezer meals.
Love from Mum

Ms Everyday said...

Hope you are managing the things on your list. I always get a sense of getting stuff done when I can mark them off. I am trying to go swimming at least once a week at the moment too. It always makes me feel good x

Please may I? said...

Good luck with them all hun. I love lists, makes me feel happy when I can cross things off. (how sad am I ?!)

X x

Dannie said...

Good luck with the goals RC, i know you can acheive them. Sounds like you have had a bit of a tough time, hope you get on top of it all soon.xx

saving for travel said...

Good luck RC! Sft x